Join us to celebrate our HEROES ! Community Leaders, Past and Present Board Members of African-Australian Community Organizations, and Distinguished Members of  the African Communities in New South Wales.

On this page are pictures and profiles of iconic Africans in NSW who are present or past Award recipients or nominees. 


2017 Award – Community Engagement (Women Events and Networking)

Rosemary is an African Woman activist and advocate for gender equality in NSW. In addition to her professional role with the NSW Police as a Multicultural Community Liaison Officer, she is widely known for her pivotal role in getting African Australian women together through the annual African Women Dinner Dance which she has hosted for over 10 years. 

She also manages the Cultural Exchange Program for women enabling African Australian women meet and mingle with women from other cultural backgrounds in different parts of Australia.

"I came from Kenya years ago with nothing but my suitcase and a big heart. After leaving my children back in Kenya running from the tribal crashes, I boast of several achievements as an African woman and feel blessed for what I have become today.

Rosemary received Edna Ryan Award from The Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL) in 2007 for working with African women in NSW. In 2008 she received the Women of the West Award from UWS. She also received the community award from Universal Federation of Peace who made her the Peace Ambassador in 2009 and currently Rosemary is a NSW Census Ambassador.

She is the proprietor of the African Village Market and a school of hair dressing in Parramatta.

Rosemary was the Women’s Representative on the NSW African Communities Council for four years, a peace facilitator and a member of several steering committees over the years. She is an advocate against domestic violence and also a strong voice for Peace among the youth and women especially in Africa.

She is a mentor, adviser and an elder in the African Australian Community who has inspired very many young women calling Australia home. Rosemary is also founder of the African Women Group and has a Diploma in Welfare Coordination.


2017 Award – Community Engagement (Blogging)

2016 Award – Community Engagement (Promotions)

Afro-Australians BBC runs an online campaign to promote events and projects in the African Australian Community. They have a huge presence on Facebook and other social media with a very vibrant blogging website http://www.afroaustraliabbc.com that promotes movies, music, comedy and fashion in Australia and other parts of the world.


2017 Award – Community Engagement (Women Events & Networking)

Beatrice has worked in the Community and Welfare Sector for fifteen years. She currently works in local government as a community Development Officer. She is also a Sierra Leone community leader, a women and girls advocate with a strong passion for human rights and gender equality. Beatrice has worked with reputable community services organisations such as African Community Council, Salvation Army, Auburn Diversity Services, Holroyd City Council (now Cumberland Council). Beatrice has worked with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds including Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, Indian, Afghanis, Sri Lankans and Burmese among others, making a positive difference to those she meets.


2017 Award – Community Engagement (Women Events & Networking)

2016 Award – Community Engagement (Events & Networking)

Ida is a champion of women in NSW involved with numerous activities aimed at promoting and uplifting women rights and equality. She also runs her own company Ida Events and has successfully hosted various women activities. She is the brain power behind the successful organisation of the annual African Women's Dinner Dance.



2017 Award – Community Engagement (Events & Networking)

Born in Sierra Leone, Freetown, Isha is involved in promoting entertainment, fundraising, music, film and many more events within the African community in Sydney. She is currently studying Community Services and hopes to build more skills to serve her community even better. Her greatest passion is to give back to the community that made her in Sierra Leone and here in NSW.


2017 Award – Community Engagement (Women Events & Networking)

Juliet is an African Australian originally from Zimbabwe. She works in the health sector, specializing in Community nursing. She is the Secretary for African Women's Group Australia. She is involved in planning and organising annual  events run by African Women's group, such as Cultural Exchange, Health Conferences and the famous dinner dance which attracts women from different parts of Australia who come together to celebrate.


2017 Award – Community Engagement (Projects, Events & Networking)

Kylie has been involved with the African Australian Community in NSW for over 22 years on a personal and professional level. She is one of the known original promoters of the first ever African/R&B clubs in Sydney that were run by Nigerian born Francis Okwechime (known as Sir Francis). “Francis was my stepping stone to a life that changed forever.” Kylie’s undisputed love for the African community saw her get married to a Nigerian husband who unfortunately past on 8 years ago. She has worked with many promoters over the years bringing international artists to our shores, arranging logistics, venues, financial handling, and simply being involved from the beginning to end, mainly as a volunteer. She has spent late nights doing the door collections at the African Australians events which has turned her face very familiar to the community she has cemented trust with. In 2016, she received an award for "Special Recognition for Supporting Artists and Multiculturalism in Australia" from the African Australian Movie and Music Awards (AAMMA) team. In the same year, she was honoured ‘The Promoter of the Year Award on behalf of IAMIKE Entertainment, a man (Ike Anyiam) who she holds the up-most respect within the African Community. Kylie was recently blessed to perform as an extra in John Kay's recent movie "Cops Enemy."


2017 Award – Community Engagement (Projects, Events & Networking)

Mary is an Italian Australian with a huge African heart living in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. She has supported the African community for decades and in so many ways but mainly in the areas of music, film, and entertainment. She has also been instrumental in supporting African events and she is a key player in the promotion of African Night Clubs. Mary received a special recognition award for supporting artists and multiculturalism in Australia at the 2016 AAMMA Awards. She has also played an extra in “Cops Enemy.”


2017 Award – Community Engagement (Events & Networking)

Mengedie Fofanah a.k.a General Mengishtu was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone and moved to Australia in October 2005. In Australia he obtained Diplomas in Information Technology, Accounting and Community Services. His academic excellence did not stop him from following his passion for sports while settling in Australia. He has been a formidable force on the Sierra Leonne soccer team over the years playing a pivotal role that has seen the side triumph in various tournaments. He has also risen in ranks to become the team manger of the soccer team, showing excellent leadership skills. In 2017 he became the president for the Sierra Leone Youth Group NSW.


2017 Award – Community Engagement (Women Events & Networking)

Ola Obolo-Fareo is a Nigerian born with a strong passion for community service, children, leadership and women advocacy. She has previously managed one of St Vincent de Paul services specifically for women and children.

Ola holds a Masters degree (MA) in International Relations from the University of NSW and she is currently the Vice President of the Nigerian Association of New South Wales. She is also the current Treasurer for the African Women Group and Secretary General of the Egbe Omo Yoruba Australia (Sydney) community.

Ola currently runs her own business No.1 African Choice located in Bankstown and jointly runs Kings and Queens, an African Restaurant and Reception Centre with her husband, both businesses born out of her passion to serve and give the best to her community.


2017 Award – Community Engagement (Women Events & Networking)

London born Yoruba woman, Ttobie has a post graduate certificate in Digital Marketing and a Masters degree in Sustainability from the University of Sydney.

All aspects of sustainability interest Ttobie, particularly, the role of marketing and communications to ignite social change, social and community activation and the role of business within sustainability.

Ttobie is keen on creating spaces for Black Women of African descent, built around the idea of enriching our community, supporting one another and uplifting through self-care. This has culminated in Ttobie holding events with Sahra Ahmed under the banner of August Inc.


2017 Award – Humanitarian (Projects in Africa)

2016 Award – Humanitarian (Projects in Africa)

African Enterprise has been evangelising the cities of Africa through mission, in WORD and DEED, in partnership with local churches for over 50 years!

The organisation has its presence felt in ten African countries including Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda DRC, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Besides evangelism,  African Enterprise has established numerous humanitarian projects that have improved the lives of people in Africa.  The Tanzania HIV and AIDS Education Project helps educate approximately 10,000 children each year and reach a community of over 60,000 people.

The programme alone has created a good learning atmosphere for school children, and also greatly uplifted girl education. In Ghana, Africa Enterprise runs a street children apprenticeship project for mainly children from impoverished backgrounds and in Kenya, the Mathare Women Empowerment Project has helped over 20 vulnerable women transform their lives.


2017 Award – Humanitarian (Shukrani Foundation, Kenya)

Together with St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Youth Group, Fr. Alex plays a pivotal role in helping the youth in Kenya through his foundation Shukrani.

Fr. Alexander Mutua Munyao is currently assistant Parish Priest at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Ballina.

His dream and passion are based on Mathew 25:35-40.

“35 For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, 36 I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me…..,” With this in mind, Fr. Alex has resolved to give back to the community that made him.


2017 Award – Humanitarian (Founder, Gennarosity Abroad, Kenya)

2015 Award – Humanitarian (Founder, Gennarosity Abroad, Kenya)

Genevieve (Genna) Radnan is founder and CEO of Gennarosity Abroad, a not-for-profit organisation that provides education, skills, vocational training, health, literacy, clean water, employment and support to communities in Kenya.  Gennarosity Abroad is a registered Australian charity with DGR status.

After graduating High School in 2009, Sydney based Genna fulfilled a long-held dream when she traveled to Kenya to volunteer. This trip changed Genna’s life. She returned home, determined to make a difference to the lives of the Karunga community who had welcomed and befriended her.

Today, to support herself and her organisation, Genna works full time as a Registered Nurse, runs Gennarosity Abroad and is studying to obtain her Bachelor of Arts in International Aid and Development and Sustainable Development through Murdoch University.

“I cannot save every life but I can save some. Each life matters. Each life counts.” This is the mantra that motivates and guides Genna in her vision to provide the people of Kenya with a step up towards a sustainable future.



2017 Award – Humanitarian (LACLA Foundation, Zambia) 

Leonie is a Jamaican born with a big heart of gold towards the African community. She currently supports the Let African Children Learn Association (LACLA) in Zambia through which she raises money for young girls to help fund their education, develop technology and computer skills. LACLA projects run once every 2 months in Lusaka Zambia for the last nine years. Leonie also closely works with the Zambian community here in NSW helping run and organise various events.


2017 Award – Humanitarian (Founder - This Life Foundation)

2015 Award – Humanitarian (Founder - This Life Foundation)

Mercy currently runs a charity, `This Life Foundation` which is supporting child-headed families in Northern Uganda. This follows her experience working with Internally Displaced People in Northern Uganda including those living in camps. Mercy also supports a children`s home in Kenya called The Good Samaritan Children Home which is located in Mathare slum in Nairobi (Kenya).

In Australia, Mercy currently manages the African Visitation and Mentoring Program (AVAMP) as Senior Project Officer. AVAMP is a special works program of Jesuit Social Services providing mentoring support to people of African background who are jailed in prisons around Victoria during and after release from prison. Through the priceless volunteer Mentors, AVAMP Participants (Prisoners) are matched one-on-one with a Mentor who visits them in prison fortunately for mentoring and social support.

Mercy is well known for her fight against unfair policies, policies that affect minority groups especially children, young people, women, indigenous communities and she is a strong advocate and a voice for the world’s poor.

Mercy at an early age, embarked on a mission to empower women and young people in Africa as partners in development. She became a strong Girl-Child Activist and advocated for the rights of girl-child to basic human needs including a right to education. She carried out projects in Uganda and empowered a number of women as leaders and advocates through a community-based organization called Tedwii Indigenous Women Development Organization (TIDO), which she founded in 2002 while in high school. She later joined the Minority Rights Group International, African Youth Parliament, and Oxfam International Youth Partnership where she continued to advocate for these rights. Mercy became the youngest founding member of the Uganda Minority Rights Taskforce and the Uganda Pastoralist Taskforce: `The Untapped Potentials` which became the main advocacy bodies for minority communities in Uganda from local level to the national level including in the Parliament of Uganda. Mercy has received many Awards including the National Mandela Innovation Award (Scotland, 2006) for her work in Africa.


2017 Award – Entertainment (Music, DJ Bampia)

Bampia was born and bred in the West African state of Sierra Leonne from where he migrated to Australia in 2004 at a very tender age. His love for music started early in his life showing a budding passion for Sierra Leonne music and often entertaining in school. After arriving in Sydney, he attended Canterbury Boys High School where he again exhibited outstanding skills in Music. He later on became a professional DJ in 2008 and has since entertained at various African Australians functions as a mobile DJ in Sydney and interstate.  Bampia is a Registered Nurse working at Concord Hospital and is currently undertaking further studies in Bachelor of Science at Australia Catholic University.


2017 Award – Entertainment (Music, DJ Fasmwa)

Fasmwa is known as one of Australia’s leading Caribbean DJs. He is passionate and talented and loves playing Caribbean and Afro music. He has had stints on various radios stations as a host and visiting DJ. On 88.9Fm skidrown (Sydney) Fasmwa has hosted a show called ‘African Vibrations.’ He currently hosts a signature monthly club event called Prescription, and also hosts a show on Bondi Beach Radio. DJ Fasmwa has played along side International and national artists like: Lukie D, Elephant Man, Brick N Lace & Demarco in their Australian shows.


2017 Award – Entertainment (Music, DJ BigUp)

2015 Award – Entertainment (Music, DJ BigUp)

Originally from Sierra Leone DJ Big Up is one of the most sought after DJ's in Sydney with over 13 years of experience. From night clubs to cooperate events and anything in between he amazes his audience with his ability to keep the dance floor packed. A man of the people, he performs at all functions, from birthdays to massive African community gatherings.



2017 Award – Entertainment (Music, DJ Black Magic)

2015 Award – Entertainment (Music, DJ Black Magic)

Born and bred in Uganda, Moses is a youngster who has taken on the world of entertainment by storm. He has a huge African community following playing the best Afro music Down Under in night clubs and parties including the celebration of African Australians Awards ceremonies. At his tender age in the profession, he has played along side established visiting DJ’s and for huge African entertainment celebrities on tour including Jose Chameleon, Bebe Cool, Eddy Kenzo and more.


Anton Enus is an award winning broadcast journalist with more than 20 years of experience. His career spans television, radio and print coverage of international news and current affairs in both South Africa and Australia. Anton is currently the nightly news anchor for SBS World News Australia.

Anton began his broadcasting career at the South African national broadcaster, SABC. He was part of the team that covered South Africa’s historic return to democracy in 1994 and spent seven years as a correspondent for CNN World Report, where he won Best International Report and also won the prestigious Bokmakierie Award for radio current affairs. Before leaving South Africa, Anton presented the SABC’s major evening national news bulletin. Anton has been presenting SBS World News Australia bulletins since 1999 and special SBS news events such as the 2003 nightly Iraq War program, the live studio debate on the Cronulla race riots and recently hosted SBS TV’s Insight programme.

Janice Petersen is an Australian television presenter.

Janice is currently co-host of World News Australia alongside Anton Enus on Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).

She was born to parents of South African lineage in Sydney. Click here to view her Australian story.


Professor Abd Malak, AM


Director, Diversity Health Institute
Professor Abd Malak has been working in the field of health, mental health and social welfare for the last 30 years. His career has encompassed the areas of service provision, policy, planning and management.

Abd has written and published in the areas of mental health, suicide, cross-cultural work, management and social justice. Throughout his career Abd has been a passionate social justice and human rights advocate.

He has also spear-headed the development of leading state and national initiatives, for example, Multicultural Mental Health Australia, Diversity Health Institute and Global Health Institute as well as, the implementation of the Integrated Health Care Cluster in Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS), which includes Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol, Community Health, NGO Grants, Primary Health Care and other statewide services.

Between 2005-2011 Abd held the position of Executive Director, Workforce and Organisational Development in Sydney West Area Health Service (servicing 1.5 million, $2 million budget and approximately 20 000 staff). In this role he was responsible for workforce: planning, development, recruitment and retention, in addition to organisational redesign, innovation and reform.

Abd is also the Convenor of the Australian Partnership of Religious Organisations (APRO).

In 2002 Abd was honoured to be included in the Australian Honours List as a Member in the Order Of Australia for his service to migrant communities.

Prof Malak holds appointments in the School of Medicine at the University of Western Sydney and University of Notre Dame Australia.


Dr Ayman Shenouda

Ayman commenced his medical career in Australia as a surgical registrar in Tasmania in 1995.  With a masters degree in surgery from Cairo University, he moved to Wagga Wagga in 2000 working as a GP.  Ayman is a Fellow of RACGP (2003) and also completed a diploma of dermatology at the University of Wales, United Kingdom.

Ayman and his wife are the founders and the principle doctors of the Glenrock Country Practice which in 2007 was awarded General Practice of the year NSW/ACT by RACGP. It has also been awarded the AGPAL Quality and Safety practice of the year and the consumer participation award in 2010.

In 2009 Ayman was awarded RACGP GP of the year.  He is the former Director of Medical Education CCCT Riverina/Murrumbidgee and former Director on the board of the Riverina Division of general practice and primary health. Ayman is currently a board member of the NSW faculty board and the deputy chair of the National Rural Faculty board.



Makka Krubally is the current Chairman of the African Community Council ACC (NSW) and has participated in supporting the African Communities since 1992.  Through Makka’s effort, a settlement officer was employed by ACC to assist Refugees and new migrants settle in NSW with funds provided by the Department of Immigrations and Citizenship.

Makka is also involved with the Department of Attorney General NSW and the Juvenile Justice Department in identifying issues that affect our youths. With the help of the Department of Justice,  Makka and his team were able to establish Justice African Learning Circle (JALC).

Currently, Makka is the Vice President of the Senegambia Community NSW and works for Colonial First State. After sixteen and half years,  he has held several positions including and among others:  Loans Officer, Settlements Officer, Discharge Officer, Credit Officer, Superannuation Fund Administration, Insurance Administration, and Paraplanning under Commonwealth Financial Planning.

Prior to working for the Colonial First State,  Makka was a Clerk  at the Reserve Bank of Australia, working in Facilities Management areas for two years before moving to the State Bank of NSW.

Makka’s biggest achievements' include assisting new arrivals settle in NSW and taking part in lobbying the Australian Government to consider taking refugees from Africa, this was the time Phillip Ruddock was then Minister of Immigration.

Makka’s vision for Africans in Australian is to fully participate in all aspects of life and to ensure that we are recognised for our hard work; doing all within our powers to add value to this great nation, Australia. And yes we can.


Martin Kwakwa is the executive producer of the African Hour at SBS Radio's African Program. He has been on the program since its inception in January 1994.

Martin trained as a journalist in his former homeland Ghana before he migrated to Australia in 1985. He has a Masters degree in journalism and communication from Sydney’s Macquarie University.

He is also a senior sub-editor at Australian Associated Press, as well as editor of the monthly “The African” newspaper. He was instrumental in founding the umbrella African Communities Council of New South Wales, serving as its inaugural secretary in 1993.


Audius Mtawarira, is a multi-ARIA Award winning Australian record producer, composer, artist and songwriter more commonly known as "Audius".

Audius Mtawarira was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and  resides in Sydney, Australia. After finishing his university degree in Perth, Australia he turned his attention writing and producing music. He started producing in 2002, producing the majority of Selwyn's album, Meant To Be which peaked at number nine on the ARIA Album charts and was certified Gold. In 2003 he collaborated with Delta Goodrem on Innocent Eyes co-writing and producing the number one single "Born to Try". The song debuted at number three before reaching number one on the Australian Singles chart, becoming Goodrem's first number one single. It spent three months in the top five and went on to sell over 210,000 copies, making it the third highest selling single of 2002. In the UK, it debuted and peaked the charts at number three, spending eleven weeks in the top forty and reached number one on the New Zealand singles charts. "Born to Try" won 'Single of the Year' at the ARIA Music Awards of 2003.

In 2004, Audius produced Australian Idol contestant Paulini's debut album One Determined Heart which produced number 1 hit "Angel Eyes" and went certified Platinum. In 2005 he co-wrote fellow-Idol Contestant Ricki-Lee Coulter's "Hell No!", which reached number five on the ARIA singles charts, and produced majority of her album.

After having some great success, Audius turned his attention to building his own studios and record label. He is a part owner of The Sound Academy studios in Sydney as well as record label Blindfaith Entertainment.

In 2008 Audius produced Jessica Mauboy's new album, Been Waiting, co-writing her single, "Running Back", which peaked at number three on the Australian singles charts 2008 also saw Audius launch his own fashion label Shona Clothing which is heavily influenced by his Zimbabwean heritage. "Running Back" won 'Highest Selling Single' at the ARIA Music Awards of 2009.

Solo career

Audius' solo recordings have garnered him popularity in his native Zimbabwe and South Africa. He has released 4 albums in Africa - 'Audius' (2002), 'Ever After' (2003), 'Music and Me' (2005) and 'Day Like This' (2008). His current release 'Day Like This' was also released in Australia through Blindfaith/Inertia. In 2003, Audius won the Best Urban Grooves (Male) at the Zimbabwe Music Awards.


Solomon Egberime, Nigerian-Australian is:
  • No1 World Boxing organization contender.
  • WBO Oriental Light Welterweight title holder
  • Australian Welterweight champion
  • WBO Africa Light Welterweight , Australian Light Welterweight

Click here to see Video


Jerry Biti CEO Gambit Group ~ Technology Transfer. Jerry is one of the world’s pioneers in the world of mobile telecommunications applications and technology systems having founded Gambit in 2000. Gambit has now expanded its reach to about 40 countries working with the likes of Nokia, Vodafone, Telstra, Optus, MTN and Orange to name a few. During the boom of the dot.com era, Jerry was involved in the start up operation of one of Australia’s first ISP’s. He spent five years researching and analysing IT in the Telco Market, specialising in the Asia Pacific region. Originally from Harare, Jerry has been in Australia for over 15 years. He attended Harare’s - Prince Edward School where he held positions of School Captain and Captain of both the Rugby and Athletics Teams. He received Honours in Leadership and held the prestigious title of National Chess Champion. Jerry holds a degree in Communications & Organisations from Charles Sturt University in Bathurst in Australia.


FLTLT Chukwuma Meka is a Command Systems Information Manager (CSIM) with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Born in Nigeria, he studied Electrical/Electronics Engineering at Auchi Polytechnic from 1983 – 1986, and Electronics Engineering at the University of Nigeria, graduating in 1994 with a B.Engr degree.

He was employed as a Project Engineer in 1995 by Spar Aerospace Nigeria Ltd to design and install private satellite networks for the offshore Oil companies in Nigeria and the Gold mines in Ghana using INTELSAT 601 bird.

He migrated to Australia in 1999, employed by IBM-GSA to build the 2000 Olympic Games Wide Area Network (WAN), maintained the Olympic Stadium and Darling Harbour venues during the games. He disengaged with IBM-GSA in October 2000 to join Asianetcom Pty Ltd as a Network Engineer till March 2007.

With a passion to contribute something remarkable to the Australian nation, Chukwuma joined the RAAF in 2007 and became “part of history” as one of the first graduates from the Officers’ Training School (OTS) at RAAF Base East Sale in what was tagged the New Era for OTS  

Served at the No.1 Combat Communications Squadron (1CCS) as an ELECTR Flying Officer (FLGOFF). Promoted to the rank of Flight Lieutenant (FLTLT) in 2010 before being posted to Headquarters Air Command (HQAC) to maintain Command and Control (C2) systems.

At the African-Australian community level, Chukwuma has been a community leader in several capacities and for several years. He was the President of the Nigerian Association of NSW from 2001 – 2003. He is an executive member of the Igbo Community Australia (ICA), the organiser of the annual “African Cultural & Dinner Nite” in Sydney as well as remain instrumental to the progress of Nigerian and African communities in NSW.


Dr Yohannes Yihdego Woldeyohannes

(BSc, MSc, PhD, R.P.Geo, CEnvP)

He is working in one of the leading Global /international Engineering Corporation - Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation- (SMEC) as a senior Hydrogeologist /Modeller, at the Australia & New Zealand division. SMEC has a strong global presence with more than 70 offices throughout Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America and South America. SMEC’s services range from pre-feasibility studies to detailed design and construction supervision to a broad range of sectors, including: Transport; Water; Environment; Hydropower and Energy; Mining, Oil and Gas Geotechnics and Tunnels; Urban Development; Social Development; and Government and Advisory Services.

Dr Yohannes has been actively engaged in multi-national and international engineering projects, at high level, in Australia, Africa (Kenya, Tanzania), Middle East (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan) and Asia (Mongolia, Philippines) in the area of Water resources, Mining, Infrastructure, and Energy. Prior to his current position, he worked with renowned Australian Environmental and Engineering consultancies - GHD and Cardno LanePiper.

He obtained his PhD from Australia, MSc with Distinction, from the Netherlands and BSc from Ethiopia.

He is a Registered Professional Geoscientist (R.P.Geo) and also Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP), considered as a recognized scientist and demonstrated skill and experience in the field of Environment-Hydrogeology-Engineering, in Australia and New Zealand.

He has been actively involved with a wide range of professional membership activities, including International Association of Hydrogeologists, Australian Geological society, Australian Institute of Geoscientists. Besides to his magnificent and proven track of professional success as Engineering Geologist/hydrogeologist/Numerical modeller, in the Engineering and Environmental industries, he has made significant contributions in the academics. He published scientific papers in highly recognized/ high impact international journals (including national journals at Engineers Australia and Geological Society of Australia) and is also serving as a Reviewer and Associate Editor for international journals. He presented his research output/findings to a wider scientific community in international scientific conferences in Australia and overseas (Europe and USA).


Petua Eunice Mufumbiro a.k.a. Mama Auburn

She is also known as Mama Auburn - a suburb in Western Sydney, in the state of NSW. Ms Petua Eunice Mufumbiro is one of the very few Ugandan female Australians who have devoted their lives to serving in the NSW health industry for over twenty years. She arrived in Australia in 1988 from her motherland Uganda where she had served as a medical nurse, midwife and theatre operator for over two decades. As one of the few Ugandans in New South Wales at the time, Ms Petua enrolled to undertake a Certificate III in Health Service Assistance qualifying as an operating theatre technician at Westmead Hospital. In 1993, she enrolled for a Bachelors of Nursing at Sydney University qualifying with an honours degree. She became the first known female from Uganda to notch the accolade from the prestigious University. In 1997, she became the very first Ugandan female in Australia to serve on the Uganda Community executive committee. Her role was to maintain records of the committee and to organise social functions, a task she did pretty well for the period she served and she became commonly known as Mama Auburn (meaning Mother of Auburn). Ms Eunice served custodian to Ugandans who arrived in Sydney with limited support of themselves. Her home was not strange to any Ugandan and conducted monthly activities to bring Ugandans together and unite them in diaspora. In 2007 she was on the committee that received Ugandan president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on his first tour of Australia. President Museveni was the first Ugandan head of state to visit Australia. Ms Eunice also played a key role in the establishment of the Uganda embassy in Canberra together with the late Dr James Lukabyo. Ms Petua is a strong member of St Thomas Church in Auburn and has served on various committees for the last two decades. She has also been able to move her family to Australia including six children and her husband. In her career as a Registered Nurse, she has served in Concord Hospital, St Vincent Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Blue Mountains Hospital and many others. She has also worked in various retirement and nursing homes helping the elderly and the frail. She has done countless shifts. Ms Eunice has supported various charities back in Uganda including a Church and a School that she has directly funded in her home village of Nawankonge, Iganga district. She is also a supporter and founding member of the Heart of Gold Africa Foundation, a charity that aims at building schools to boost and support the education of disadvantaged children in Africa.


Dr Vincent Ogu

A Nigerian -born, Cambridge trained scholar and expert in housing and urban development.

Dr Ogu, a former Research Fellow at the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), accepted a prestigious Vice-Chancellor Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in 1998. Vincent introduced Planning in Developing Countries with substantial focus on Africa in the Faculty of the Built Environment at UNSW. He has also taught at the University of Western Sydney.

Dr Ogu’s research works have focused on urban infrastructure and services, housing and planning and the urban environment in parts of Africa. A Fellow of Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, Vincent’s work has been recognised internationally and cited in United Nations agency papers on housing and infrastructure services.

At UNSW, he worked on Sustainable City Program and the partnership and participatory approaches to urban environmental management in Africa. He also explored market and structural reforms and the role of the private sector in urban services delivery in Africa. Vincent is the author of many published refereed journal papers, edited books, monographs, refereed conference papers, most of which focused on Africa.

A corporate member of the Planning Institute of Australia and research manager with the NSW Government, Vincent has drawn from research and professional experience to put forward planning approaches that reach beyond conventional ‘wisdom’ to accord recognition to ethnic and cultural diversity and the implications for housing, recreational and services. Vincent recently developed a model, designed to enable an effective engagement of African communities for services delivery, policy and strategy development.

Apart from intellectual works, Vincent has devoted his skills and expertise in services to non-governmental organisation that work on settlement services for new migrants and refugees. He has served for eight years in the Management Committee of the Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre (Liverpool MRC), including as Chair for three years and currently as Deputy Chair.

As Chair Liverpool MRC and in professional roles, Vincent encouraged and supported series of programs and projects that promote social and cultural inclusion of African and other new migrants and refugees. He initiated or enabled projects on breakdown of social isolation for women refugees and migrants from conflict spots, funding and strategies to reduce school drop out children from low socio-economic background and improve literacy skills.

Vincent who been recognised by NSW Premier for volunteer work contributions. He is currently the President of IGBO Community Australia (ICA) and has played a key role, along with talented community leaders in initiating the African Cultural & Dinner Nite, an iconic African event led by ICA in partnership with the Liverpool MRC and in collaboration with community groups. The event promotes sense of community and networking and contributes to break down of social and cultural isolation of African’s new and emerging communities. It also provides creative opportunity for African emerging artistic talents and provides platform to highlight issues affecting African families in settling in the Australian society.

The contributions of Dr Ogu have has not gone unnoticed by various tiers of government in Australia. The contributions of ICA that he currently leads has been recognised by the Liverpool City Council for contributions to the community. The NSW Government appointed him to the NSW Ministerial Roundtable on Workplace Diversity in 2012 and the Australian Government appointed him to the African Ministerial Consultative Committee the same year. His name has also been cited at the Australian Federal Parliament in recognition of his contributions to the settlement of new migrants, including humanitarian entrants.


Dr. Valentine Mukuria, University of Western Sydney (UWS).

Valentine is a Curriculum Advisor at UWS where her role is to develop experiential learning strategies for course and program curriculum enhancement. Valentine received her PhD in Educational Policy and Leadership from The Ohio State University where she also taught service-learning units in “Leadership through community service”. Valentine continues to be actively involved in university-community engagement through her participation as a member of the Scholarship Committee of Engagement Australia (EA) and as a steering committee member of the Canadian Association for Community Service Learning (CACSL).

Valentine recently facilitated round table discussions at conferences in Canada ("Integrating Measurement into Program Activities for Community Transformation (IMPACT)") and in Hong Kong (Global Citizen Scholarship: Considerations for Designing Effective International Service-learning Curricula).

Valentine lives in Sydney with her husband and son.


Vangu Kitoko  is the founder and chairman of the African Diversity Council of Australia. Prior to this he was the president of the Congolese Community of NSW for four years.

He is among the community leaders assisting to build the capacities of the Congolese community in NSW and promoting harmony among Congolese living in NSW and Australia. As a community leader, Vangu has been an active advocate in issues affecting refugee and humanitarian settlement in Australia and hence, has published an article entitled “Congolese refugees and Humanitarian Crisis: Issues and durable solutions”.

Vangu is the founder of the African Diversity Council of Australia (ADCOA). ADCOA promotes diversity, harmony and social inclusion through advocacy. As the  chairman, Vangu has inspired the development of a project called “Scientist in Parramatta”.  Using his skills as a trained electro-mechanical engineer and Biomedical engineer researcher, Vangu mentors, inspires and stimulates young Africans and people from other ethnic communities to develop confidence in science education. 

Vangu is one of the contributors to a project called “Smart Wheel Chair” and has also pioneered the design and optimization of wearable headgear system for recording brain signals, which is used to control diseases (epilepsy, brain damage, etc) and some electronic devices  including mobile phone, wheel chair, car, and gaming.

Finally, Vangu is a member of  a USA-based conference called “Engineering in Medicine and Biological Science (EMBS). He is also an author of several published papers.


 Daniel Okoduwa is a Nigerian born actor, writer, singer, producer cum movie director.

Born and having grown up in the ancient city of Benin where art is tied to tradition and customs, he has lived most of his life in Australia.

Although, his name may not ring a bell in the Nigerian movie industry having spent more than 10 years abroad, Daniel has suddenly become a budding talent to seek out for, courtesy of Gossip Nation, the latest movie that is currently enjoy rave review in the media.

His knack for high profile job was what led him in 2004 to team up with director Matthew Scott to produce the first African Australian film titled Death is a Diamond, a film that tells of the pain Africans were going through from conflict or blood diamonds.

In 2009 Daniel Okoduwa was invited by the prestigious Australian Centre for Photography (Nollywood Babylon) to lecture and contribute his unique perspective on Nigerian films and the context in which they are produced.

Love Lost and Temptation, a movie written and produced by Daniel Okoduwa was voted the m o s t watched afro Australian movie of all time. In May 2010 the movie was screened to a predominantly white Australian audience at the North Sydney community centre.

In 2010 Daniel who had worked with such international acts as Chaka Demus and Pliers, while on the set of young talented director Mike, music video shoots, asked Kang to direct a new African Australian movie, Gossip Nation, for him.

And today the Gossip Nation, which he claimed to be his most challenging film yet, has launched him into the league of Nigeria’s most gifted filmmaker in Diaspora. The movie featured Nigerian movie stars, Monalisa Chinda and Ejike Asiegbu.


UK born African Australian of Zimbabwean & Kenyan background, Nick Mbogua is the owner of a consultancy company called Confident Solutions & also founder of Afro Networking platform United as One.  United As One is networking group created with a mission to promote success and unity amongst Africans whilst breaking down the cultural silo's which exist between our communities. This platform has attracted more than 1000 members across the Asia Pacific region ad is growing on a daily bais.. Nick also has a strong background in the Corporate Real estate industry and is currently a Commercial Property Manager for Jones Lang LaSalle Asia Pacific.


Chimezie Kingsley is one of the most active and populous African Australian political voice presently in NSW and throughout Australia.
 A Nigerian Born Australian; He contested the NSW State Parliamentary Election 2011 as an Independent Candidate for Campbelltown.

Chimezie Kingsley is also a founding member and National Coordinator of Multicultural Australia Party {MAP} which promotes a voice for all Australians.

Chimezie Kingsley is well involved in Community Affairs in Campbelltown and wider western Sydney.  He has worked extensively in Community Welfare and the Disability Services under NSW Government FACS (Family & Community Services) as well as being involved with Migrant Settlement Project and Youth Development Programs.
Mr. Kingsley has been sitting on the Board of Australia Africa Initiative Inc {AAI} since 2006 and currently he is the Executive Director of AAI.

Chimezie Kingsley is the Advisory Board Chairman AussieCare Pty Ltd.

Chimezie Kingsley is currently the president of African Students Association {ASA} - University of Western Sydney {UWS}; also the delegation Leader lobbying UWS officials and stakeholders to introduce African Studies program in UWS.

Mr. Kingsley is a Member of Council of African Students Association for Psychological Studies & Research {CASAPSR} Australia.

Mr. Kingsley is also the CEO and the Owner of Gfani Links Network Pty Ltd, a renowned and fast growing international domain name registrar, Web Hosting and online marketing company.


John Dor Akech Achiek is a South Sudanese young man who came to Australia in 2003 and went on to complete his HSC from St Ignatius College, Riverview in Lane cove as one of the first South Sudanese students to graduate from that High School. He then went on to complete a bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and International Relations and HRM at UNSW.

Throughout the years, Dor has been involved in community services sector, starting as a mentor, youth worker and a community services work. Dor started in 2006 with a theatre development project of which he co-wrote a play named 'Shine'. This play was later developed into a big theatre production piece named Walking in My Shoes, a show about the experiences of African young people before and after they arrived to Australia. It was performed at Riverside Theatre in Parramatta.

Dor also went on to take a leading role in the Sudanese premier play, My Name is Sud. A production produced by Blacktown Arts Centre, written by African young people. It was based on a Sudanese family caught up in the intergenerational conflict and the issues of resettlement faced by African communities. The play went on to be nominated for the NSW premier Award and was also developed as part of the NSW Education curriculum to be taught in selected High School. A resource kit was developed and rolled out to some schools in the Western Sydney area.

Further to this, Dor took a leading role in the production of the Legal DVD for African Community produced in many African Languages and sponsored by NSW Attorney General Department. It was aimed at providing legal information to newly arrived refugees from African communities and also as a platform for community education.

The big part of Dor's work was with the Sudanese Youth and he dedicated his time helping to run Sudanese Youth Soccer Tournament on a yearly basis. This helped to engaged over 200 young people and over hundred families every year. Dor's effort were recognised last year and was awarded the Australian Nationality Volunteer Award 2011.

Part of this involvement was also boosted by the work Dor's does with Julie Owens, Federal MP for Parramatta. Dor is part of the Multicultural Youth group that organise dinner outings to hold discussions on ways to foster multiculturalism in the Australian society. Apart from this community involvement, Dor was also working as a youth worker with different organisations, starting with Auburn Community Development Network, Mount Druitt Ethnic Community Agency and with The Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resources Centre.

Currently, Dor is working, as Senior Case Manager, with the Humanitarian Settlement Services Program at Settlement Services International (SSI), a peak body contracted by DIAC to deliver services to newly arrived refugees and Humanitarian entrants. He has also currently involved himself with forming an organisation called United Tribes Of South Sudan for Peace (UTOSS4PEACE). The work of this organisation is to provide for community education, peace building strategies, unity among the South Sudanese and help them become better citizens in the Australian society. It also aims to discourage tribal conflicts from the home country of South Sudan, the newest nation of the world.


Emanuel Wassef (Manny Boy)

Touted as one of the next big Rapper in Australian urban music, Manny Boy has shook Sydney’s underground in 2009 with his mixtape release which has gone as far as to the middle east. Manny Boy has sparked so much interest he has caught the eyes and ears of the industry waiting on his debut album.

To many music fans, Manny Boy first came on their radar with his remix of “Died in You Arms” released with his mixtape, Through the massive buzz Manny Boy received, he linked up with one of Australia’s hottest urban producer, Khaled who is now overseeing all production for Manny Boy’s debut album.

Emanuel Wassef (Manny Boy) is the product of Sudanese mother and a Egyptian father from Cairo, Egypt. He was born in 1986 in Cairo, Egypt. As a child, Manny moved to Sydney, Australia with his family to start a new life down under. He began rhyming as a teen in school growing up, taking his material to the school stage.

Today, the world is his stage performing in front of 10,000 people at one time and his positive energy and vibe has never failed to lift the spirits of his fans. He has performed all around Australia and internationally in Dubai, Africa and Egypt at music festivals and clubs, only forging his name for future success internationally.

He has formed the company and record label Smash Factory with partners Carey George and Khaled who’s producing for his debut album, Manny expanded his brand in 2009 with a mixtape release which became hot property for music lovers across Sydney.


ASA (meaning "dance" in the Akan language of Ghana) is a group of talented young women dedicated to bringing traditional dance forms from all regions of Ghana to the stage, they combine these dances with contemporary and modern dance forms and music to make each performance a unique journey through time, through Ghana, Africa and through the imagination!

They are regulars across Sydney's various African and multicultural events and festivals including Auburn's "celebration of African Cultures" "the Africa Festival" in Hyde Park, Bankstown's 'Reclaim the Night' and more. They also featured in the UN International Year for People of African Descent events in July and October of 2011 and run workshops for schools to raise awareness and educate young Australians about the differences and diversity in each African culture, using dance as a tool.

These ladies bust every stereotype about African dance with their beautiful energetic performances and are sure to blow audiences away!


Effie Nkrumah is a graduate of the Performance course at UWS (Theatre Nepean), being the first and only student of Ghanaian descent to go through that course. She has a simple cause – to encourage young creative African Australians, especially women, to push through and pursue careers in the arts. Her own creative career is aimed at being an example for others to follow grow on and use as a launching pad for their own careers.

Effie was third runner up in the first Miss Africa Australia Beauty Pageant and during her time in competition and in its subsequent years she took on the role of Performance Coordinator and Choreographer after which she went on to become a founding member of popular contemporary African dance group “ASA” (meaning Dance in the Akan language), the group graced conferences, private events and festivals all over Sydney through their energetic mixes of traditional and contemporary Ghanaian/West African dance and music.

Effie’s commitment to and passion for seeing young talented actors, dancers and singers of African descent on the stage as well as her interest in the ideas of Pan Africanism and the diaspora, drove her to choreograph and create works which evoke emotion, laughter and gave way to a new generation of aspiring performers.

She was asked to take the position of director of The African Theatre Initiative for Bankstown Youth Development Services (BYDS) in 2010 and 2011 and got her first directing credit with the original play No Time For Tears written by Sala Ibrahim, she then went on to direct Ghanaian writer Mohammed ben Abdallah’s play The Slaves to sold out audiences in 2010. This play was re-staged by popular request for the 2011 UN International Year for People of African Descent Forum and National Conference.

She was the project coordinator for the educational kit for Blacktown Arts Centre’s award winning play “My Name is Sud” in which she enabled young talented writers and artists a platform and chance to help educate others about the issues surrounding young people of all kinds of African Descent in diaspora.

Her film credits include Dangerous Women, aired on The Discovery Channel, Broken Pieces (short film about FGM directed by Ehran Edwards) AMEP/AMES Films, Love, Lost and Temptation (SCRIM Entertainment), and Fiona (Down Under Productions).

Theatre credits include Ama and Chan an original comedy in which she introduced Australia’s first Ghanaian Australian comedy character to the commercial stage, she was also cast in Urban Theatre Project’s collaboration with Belvoir St Theatre in Buried City a production staged for the Sydney Festival in 2012.

Effie also has film and theatre credits in Ghana, West Africa, including television drama Home Sweet Home and theatre production Mom is Dad; Dad is Mom, Sins of the Fathers and Trials of the Ghanaian by James Ebo Whyte of Roverman Productions. She is currently working in theatre in Ghana and plans to come back to Australia to create new vibrant works around the subject of the African diaspora.


Captain Nesan Kistan, born In Durban South Africa, migrated to Australia in 1981 and works as a Territorial Multicultural Coordinator, NSW Regional Police Chaplain, Auburn Corps Officer, The Salvation Army, Australia Eastern Territory.

Nesan provides welfare and legal service to disadvantage people, provides air fare cost for Family Unification, advocates for refugees and asylum seekers, provides spiritual uplift to Auburn community members, work in partnership with Government and other NGOs to provide training and education for local community, assist client with accommodation, and among others.

The  Auburn Review, a local newspaper in NSW,  published an article about Nesan as follows:

"FOR Salvation Army pastor Nesan Kistan, serving his community and people in need is a job that reaps boundless satisfaction.

Mr Kistan has been based at the Auburn ministry for the past seven years.

He and his wife Cheryl gave up their careers to devote themselves to a mission they strongly believe in.

“It’s so rewarding when you can make a difference in someone’s life,” Mr Kistan said.

“Making temporary change for eternal significance, to us, is greater than financial remuneration.”

Mr Kistan and other staff work with police, hospital and diversity services, helping to provide for Auburn’s largely migrant and refugee population.

“We assist people regardless of who they are. We support people financially, assist them with food, clothing, furniture and other necessities,” he said.

The Auburn Salvation Army church is a melting pot of cultures, reflecting the colourful diversity outside its walls. The inside is decorated with flags that represent the ethnicities of its 300 members.

“We need to understand people’s contexts,” Mr Kistan said.

“We want to reach out and let people know that we are a support network that is large enough and capable enough of helping them.”

Even a recent break-in and theft of thousands of dollars worth of assistance vouchers failed to dampen Mr Kistan’s commitment to helping people in need.

“This job is at a real optimal level. It’s the greatest feeling to see smiles and joy on people’s faces,” he said. “We’re a vital service and a major provider.”


R’n’B soul artist Doug Williams’ infectious personality and musical talent are formidable fixtures on the Australian music scene. The 63-year-old’s musical journey spans two continents and an impressive roster of collaborations.

Before emigrating from America, he toured with such greats as Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner and James Brown.

Most recently, Doug supported Taylor Dayne and Hot Chocolate on their national tours with his five piece band ‘Doug Williams & The Mix’. Fondly known as ‘Pappa D’, he has also worked with and mentored previous The Voice artists Diana Rouvas and Prinnie Stevens. Doug has been an icon of the entertainment industry and continues to support local and international artists.


Dativah Nitsios is the Community Development Officer and previously as Coordinator for African Sessional Workers Project at Community Migrant Resource Centre in Parramatta. Prior to this, she worked as a Project coordinator of Let me tell it my way: Human Rights education through narratives project at African Women Australia Incorporated (AWAU Inc.). She is also currently, the Advisor of the Rwandan Community in New South Wales. Dativah was born in Uganda but of Rwandan background. Prior coming to Australia she worked as Departmental Secretary at the European Delegation in Rwanda as well as the Rwanda Bureau of Standards and King Faisal Hospital.

Dativah has been active within the community sector since she arrived in Australia, in 2009. Inspired by the work of AWAU Inc. she joined the organisation and worked for several years both as a volunteer, paid employee and later in 2010, Dativah became the treasurer on the AWAU Inc’s board of members, for two years. During that time she implemented current governance structures for the organisation such as organisation procedures, financial records, marketing and built AWAU Inc’s website. Dativah has had several accomplishments: She is married with one child and guardian of two orphaned children , she has sort higher education and promotes and elevates the virtues of Australia and what Australia offers to emerging and new migrant communities. She has organised events that have marked the International year for the people of African Decent in 2011. This included a Forum on Identity and a National Conference that attracted various communities of African descent from all over Australia; this showcased the contributions of people of African descent in Australia. She also organised and coordinated the African court of Testimonies in Sydney and Adelaide as part of the Human Rights Education program where people from African communities shared their stories and challenges about their experience in settlement in Australia.

She assisted putting cultural resources together for NSW Legal Aid and contributed in Cultural Awareness training of African communities with Legal Aid staff.  As a capacity builder, Dativah has closely worked with various emerging African community organisations and for over several years, assisting in the implementation of Board and governance structures.

In 2011 Dativah was also a part of the production team, who staged “The Slaves”. This play described and illustrated how people of African descent left the continent through slavery and into cultural Diaspora.BIOGRAPHY OF DATIVAH NITSIOS Dativah also organised and coordinated solidarity prayers for Nelson Mandela held in July 2013.  Dativah has been involved and supports the work of Sydney Alliance.  In 2013 Dativah contributed to the organising of the International Women’s day celebrations organised by UN women in Parramatta.  Dativah assisted in the organisation of the Rwanda Cultural day. Dativah is involved in the preparation of the African Women Dinner Dance and also coordinates activities of the Multicultural Exchange Program where women from different cultural backgrounds from Sydney go and visit other women in other parts of NSW to share about other cultures as an initiative of social inclusion Dativah through her leadership and commitment to social justice and capacity continues to support and empower African communities residing in and outside of Australia. In June 2012, she established a community based organisation that supports Children and Women in Uganda (Bugabo Women and Kids Initiative for Development-BWKID). Dativah has developed a small social enterprise business that sells various products from Rwanda and Uganda such as recycled paper beads, fruits baskets, peace baskets and many more. These products are made by women, part of money made goes back to support welfare and health programs of the (BWKID). In May 2014, Dativah established Take-A-Moment sisterhood circle that aims to promote a true Sisterhood bond among its members. Members come together to Re-Connect and support our collective agendas & share with each other. Encourage, uplift and support women in our community while sharing the bond of sisterhood.


Angus  Leendertz

Diploma Graphic Design: University of Cape Town (3 years full time)

BA Interior Architecture: Rietveldt Academie - Amsterdam (5 years full time)

Interior Architecture,Exhibition Design

& Events Management

  • 1980-1982    Travis Partners Sydney – Position: Interior Designer-Corporate Office

  • 1983-1985    Inarc Design Sydney – Position: Associate Director-Corporate Office

  • 1985-1989    Rice Daubney Group Sydney-Asked by Kevin Rice and John Daubney to start an Interior Architecture practice. Position - Principal Designer.

  • 1989-1993    Interni Design Sydney – Partner  Principal Designer

  • 1993-1995    ALA Sydney – Owner design Consultancy

  • 1996-2000    Louis Karol Architects Cape Town South Africa – Asked by Louis Karol to establish an Interior Architecture practice in Cape Town and Johannesburg – Position: Principal Designer.

  • 2001-2010    ALA Cape Town –Owner Design Consultancy-Hospitality, Heritage,Exhibition.

  • 2010  Returned to live permanently in Australia.

  • Current : Curator of a major archival photographic exhibition documenting the history of the 50 year relationship between Australia and South Africa with special emphasis on anti-apartheid activity in Australia from the 1960’s to present.The exhibition will open at Customs House Sydney on the 10th of September 2014 and MusemAfrica in Johannesburg concurrently.

  • Current : The Sugar Slaves – Brisbane Australia – In collaboration with the ASSI (Australian South Sea Islanders) - Designer of the permanent exhibition documenting the history of people brought to Australia 150 years ago to work the sugar plantations of Queensland.Most people were taken from the islands of the South Pacific in an abhorrent system called “blackbirding” and worked and lived under slave conditions.During the White Australia Policy,members of this group who had already assimilated and married Australians were then sent back to the islands causing massive disruption to family life as their Aboriginal-Islander families were not allowed to accompany them.  

Since returning to live permanently in Sydney, Angus has been involved in events management in support of Southern African Ngo’s and charities.

  • Molo Songololo Fundraising Art Auctions and events – 2012 and 2013.

  • 20 Years of Democracy in South Africa Celebrations – NSW Parliamentary Reception – Sydney March 2014.

  • Beatrice Mtetwa’s (Zimbabwean human rights lawyer) Australian lecture tour May 2014

  • Curator of MEMORIES OF THE STRUGGLE” an international photographic exhibition documenting Australia’s role in the struggle for democracy.To be launched in Sydney and Pretoria on the 11th September 2014.

Completed Projects


  • Arabella Sheraton Hotel and Spa Hermanus and The Waterfront - South Africa Principal Design Consultant for this 5-star hotel from concept to completion. Chosen by the German clients because of a reputation for using local design concepts and materials the hotel is a showcase of contemporary indigenous African design. Facilitating the production of large installations and artworks was an integral part of the project.


  • Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens-Restaurant complex .Winning the tender for the design consultancy for this prestigious project in the environmentally sensitive botanical gardens presented numerous challenges. The finished product is a showcase of local materials and workmanship.

  • Numerous restaurants and café’s in Sydney….Mos Café (Museum of Sydney Café) Morgan’s, Café Dov, the Red Centre Restaurants.


  • Chinamans Beach Sydney – Harbourside Residence. Large house on Chinamans Beach for a merchant banker. A large collection of antiques and signature pieces of furniture was acquired for this job.

  • George Harrison Estate – Hamilton Island.Complete interior design for the island estate on the Great Barrier Reef for this member of the Beatles.


Heritage & Exhibition Design

  • Robben Island Museum. Cape Town South Africa - World Heritage Site : Conversion of the Medium B Prison to a Learning Centre with accommodation, conference and catering facilities, resource centre, art studios and contemplative garden. Working with a team of architects and consultants, ALA under the stewardship of Angus Leendertz,  researched ,restored and re-designed the facility in line with guidelines established by the World Heritage Council. Special aspects of the project included the extrapolation of iconography from the history and unique geographical location of the site as a prelude to designing all interiors, furnishings ,fittings and artworks.A fully accredited 12 month learnership for 60  design students was an important aspect of the collaboration.

  • Iziko Slave Lodge. Cape Town South Africa: Winner of the tender for the Design of the Permanent Exhibition on Slavery, this project required working with historians, researchers ,museumologists and specialist consultants.The need for a permanent exhibition telling the story of the Indian Ocean Slave Trade was an initiative of National Government and needed to present the true story of slavery in a country which had largely ignored it’s slave past. The exhibition comprises five rooms (installations) in this first completed phase. An orientation room where an installation was conceptualised and commissioned ,a  recreation of a section of a Slave Ship, a contemplative area where the Column of Light was installed memorialising the names of slaves who lived and died at the lodge, the Map of Origins installation which showed the relevant continents, slave routes and places of origin and finally a multi-media installation with projections onto glass with soundscapes set around the restored model of the Slave Lodge.

  • District Six Museum Cape Town : Conceptual designer for the D6 Homecoming Centre and Huiskombuis project.


  • CHDA (Centre for Heritage Development in Africa)  Mombasa ,Kenya. Consultant to CHDA on their Moveable Heritage Program. Included site work in Mombasa sorting through museum collections ,researching objects, extrapolating iconography for the purpose of developing a modern design language derived from history and culture as a basis for the creation of new museum products and exhibitions.

  • Iziko Museums Cape Town South Africa: Mobile Museum Project. Commissioned by the museum to carry out a feasibility study  for the creation of a mobile museum capable of transporting 22 “capsules” and various learning aids to mainly rural communities. The capsules contain reproductions of museum pieces and a plasma screen shows information relating to the exhibits .A Mercedes Benz bus was converted and customised to hold the capsules. The mobile museum operates very successfully in the Western Cape travelling to schools and community centre.

  • The South African National Pavillion – Dar Es Salaam , Kenya : Design and construction of the National Pavillion showcasing all sectors of the economy for DTI. All elements of the exhibition designed and constructed in Cape Town and shipped to Kenya where it was assembled. Winner of the Gold Medal for Design.


Flagship Design Projects

  • Parliament of South Africa, Cape Town-South Africa : Presidential boardrooms.

    Commissioned by parliament as principal designer for flagship projects. These included boardrooms for the Secretary of Parliament and the Head of the council of Provinces. From concept to completion these projects included the overall planning, custom design of all furnishings and fittings ,hand-woven carpets, detailed ceilings housing services and a selection of artworks .Extensive research was carried out into the history of the institution and that was used in the design of all aspects of the interiors.

Education – Development & Research                            ·

  • Part time teaching appointments at UTS (University of Technology Sydney), Randwick Tafe(Sydney) and the University of Cape Town.(South Africa)

  • Initiator of MADESA (Manufacturing Design Academy of South Africa). A Unesco-Ford Foundation funded teaching institution for creative people with little or no formal education in Cape Town South Africa. Writing and piloting the curriculum for accredited modules in the design field. Establishment of workshops for the proto-typing of product designs. Students for the school participated in ALA design projects and were responsible for most loose furnishings, light fixtures and bed linen on the Robben Island project.

  • Eritrea Research : Unesco commission to travel to Eritrea for six weeks to examine the state of crafts which had survived the 30 year war with Ethiopia. Interviews and site visits throughout the country.The resulting report was used to inform the process to develop a supportive network for crafters throughout the country.








2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Nursing)

Charity currently works as a Renal Nurse Practitioner in Renal Home Therapies, Liverpool Hospital having obtained a lot of experience in the United States.

Charity obtained an Associate Degree in Nursing from Minneapolis Community and Technical College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She proceeded to get her Bachelors Degree in Nursing from Augsburg College in St Paul, Minnesota. She finally obtained a Masters in Nursing- Nurse Practitioner studies from John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Charity has worked in a number of settings namely cardiology, diabetes, nephrology, pulmonology, offenders health, and Aboriginal health. Her first nursing job was in Regions Hospital in St Paul, Minnesota where she worked for a total of 5 years including her role as a nursing assistant. She then moved to Baltimore, Maryland where she worked at  the John Hopkins Hospital as she pursued a Master Degree in Nursing. Upon graduation, she took a position as a nephrology nurse practitioner with a Mid Atlantic Nephrology group in Baltimore, Maryland. She later relocated to Northern California where she took a position as a chronic disease nurse practitioner with Caremore Medicare an Advantage Group before relocating to Australia.

In Australia, she took a chronic disease nurse practitioner role with Queensland Health as part of the closing the gap program in a small Aboriginal community in Central West Queensland called Boulia roughly 300km west of Mt Isa. She then transferred to Rockhampton Hospital where she took a combined role as a Hospital Avoidance Nurse practitioner in aged care facilities and a nurse Practitioner in Offenders Health.

Charity attributes her achievements to her faith in God and her parents who instilled in her that she could be anything she set her mind to be.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Artist / Songwriter)

Growing up in war-torn Sudan, Abaker moved to Australia in 2003 and has since made a name in the music industry. He has written and performed numerous songs mainly with a message of hope to Sudanese young people in Australia and overseas. His first album ‘Masta One Respect to the Soldiers’ was overwhelmingly received by his funs. His second album ‘Luelku Yith or Tell The Truth’ and the third album ‘Xen Adheng’ are all selling on iTunes.

Abaker supports local young people from Sudan in st Mary's by putting together a project called Street Dreams. He has also received various accolades including Afro-All Star Champion (2017), AAMA Community Role Model (2014) and Mulgoa Idol (2011).


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Artist / Songwriter)

Bankole Andrew popularly known as B’cole was born and bred in Nigerian and currently lives in Sydney Australia. He is the CEO of the Electric Heads Music label and received Best Music Producer AAMA award (2014) in Sydney.

B’cole is a song writer, a singer, producer and audio engineer. B’cole has produced many records nationally and internationally.

His creativity has attracted many artists across the globe who have made good use of his professional services. B’cole has never forgotten where he began from as church boy; he is currently the music director of the Christian Life Centre, Australia.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence 

Christopher is a very positive African Australian in almost every aspect of life.

One of the most hardworking African Australians Down Under. He excels in all his professional work and loves to help other members of the community.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Artist / Songwriter)

Another uprising singer, songwriter and producer who has taken over the music industry in style. Currency has produced hit songs that currently have a massive following on YouTube and iTunes.

Currency was Born in Nigeria in a community where opportunities were hard. But despite all the hardship, his parents ensured that he got an average education, and a good upbringing.

In 2005 Currency Baba started up with music production which he leant from his cousin by the name Supreme D magic Finger in Lagos state. In 2010 he came together with (Five) other friends and they started a band called iyaghanabossway Records. Currency Baba played a very important part as a member of the group, his job being a producer, writing and compositions of songs. In a period of two years, he wrote over 57 songs. In 2012 the group broke up as some members Got Admission to the University.

Currency Baba Also got admission to Westen Sydeny University were he studied Firm.

In 2013/2014 He got an opportunity on Australia national Tv (foxtel studio) to write and Direct any movie of his choose. His first Written and Directed Movie was titled (Osawese) which was premiered on Foxtel and on that day he won an award as the best African Director of the year.

In 2015, Currency Baba released a new single (Rara oh)

The then hit single Rara oh which gained maximum airplay nationwide and overseas which got him nominations and Alot of Fans. The song went on to be the number 2 spot on the Itv radio, African top ten countdowns and number one on the Ebs Radio.

2 months later he was Discovered by a well Recognised Australia Records label (Electric head music) They Believed on his Row talent and his love for music and they gave him a Record deal and he was singed to C-CITY RECORDS on the 08-may-2016 Currency Baba Premiered a new single named (Testimony) featuring B'cole.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Artist / Songwriter)

2016 Award – Professional Excellence (Singer/Songwriter)

Daniel is an established singer/songwriter whose skills and talent are evident through his music. He has released many songs that have received a wide reception at different platforms in Australia and YouTube.

His dedication to good music has made him an established brand as an outstanding African Australian who has grown his audience across the globe. Daniel is also passionate to helping upcoming African Australians grow in the profession.



2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Public Health)

Elvis is of Kenyan origin who recently moved to Australia in 2013. As an aspiring Public Health Specialist and a humanitarian leader, Elvis recently added another academic accolade graduating with double majors in Public Health and Epidemiology from Western Sydney University.

He has worked with the most vulnerable groups such as alcoholics, mental health populace, out of prison convicts and many others.

Elvis is a member of Australian Association of Public Health (AAPH) and a volunteer member of the Red Cross Australia where he has been involved in various community projects. He has also been involved in policy making, advocacy and also does research on various issues concerning the communities.

Elvis has attended the 7th and the 8th Universities Scholars Leadership Symposia in 2016 and 2017 in Vietnam (2016) and the United Nations in Thailand (2017) where he gained a status of Humanitarian Leader. His work involves managing issues affecting the communities in Asia through Humanitarian Affairs Asia, UK. He has also been associated with local groups; Friends of Tandaza Inc and KISWA (Kenyan Welfare Organization) that emphasizes development in different spheres in the community.

“I hope to continue using my skills and experience to foster development and to transform communities and better lives, including those of refugees in NSW.”


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Artist / Songwriter)

2016 Award – Professional Excellence (Artist / Songwriter)

Originally from West Africa King B Fine has based his career in Sydney where he has established himself as a leading brand in the music industry. Since 2010, the talented artist has performed at concerts and festivals throughout Australia including as a headlining artist at the 2015 Music and Colour Festival in Kuranda, Northern Queensland, Australia.  He has also won so many awards and various recognitions including Best Reggae Dancehall Artist at the 2014 and 2016 AAMMA as Best Reggae act / Best Male Music act"

Since arriving in Australia he has released an album entitled "Royal Movement" and singles "Shake It". "Bag Ah Love" "Africa Unite" "Different Style" which have all received big audiences on various social media.



2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Media - Chat Room Talk Show)

Kwasi Adjei-Nuamah is an Australian actor and talk show host of Ghanaian descent. His show, The Chat Room Talk Show and What's Your Story, shares the struggles and success stories of Africans living in Australia, so as to inspire and guide other community members. AJ was born and raised in Ghana, he relocated to Australia in 2005, he attained an associate degree in civil engineering at the Western Sydney University . AJ is also a well known MC in the African community and has hosted massive events, events such as AMMA awards, musical concerts and comedy show featuring international African acts.

He is also known for his leading role as Jada Madeletso in the 2017 film Cops Enemy.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Community Services)

Moisema is currently an Intensive Support Case Manager working with CORE Community Services for the last six years. His passion to work with the youth led him to become CEO and founder of Aust Talent and LibCommedy, both aimed at empowering the youths to showcase their hidden talents. Born in Liberia, Moisema and his family were forced out of their home country to seek refuge in Sierra Leone following a civil war. In 2007 he migrated to Australia, settling in Adelaide where he completed his High School. In 2015, he was elected as the Liberia Youth President and also became a mentor and manager for LibComedy. In 2017, Moisema hosted his first ever stand –up comedy event that received a very high rating in Australia. He is also a voice for the refugees and has presented at many Universities and High Schools.


2017 Award – Talent Award (Stand-Up Comedy)

Vincent is a Kenyan Born –Australian comic based in Melbourne, he burst onto the Melbourne comedy scene by doing his first ever comedy spot at the Comics lounge in North Melbourne during their amateur night, and he recalls he was terrified but he fell in love with comedy, when people laughed at his Jokes, “they were horrible jokes and it was his friends who laughed”, that was 9 years ago. In that time he has made his niche as one of the biggest African Australian comedians and he travels interstate to make audiences roar with laughter.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Entertainment)

Afro Moses is a multi -award winning, international artist from Ghana, West Africa. He is a singer, composer, multi- instrumentalist and teacher with a magnetic personality who has enchanted people with his high energy music, powerful messages, showmanship and colourful stage shows around the world. A tasty blend of Afro beats, reggae, funk, jazz, raga, salsa, percussion, traditional vocals and much more.

He has graced the stage with verse artist which includes," The wailers, Michael Franti, Australian Chamber Orchestra, various choirs, music for Aussie, International films and much more".  


2017 Award – Entrepreneurship (Co-Founder Humanitix)

Born in South Africa,  Adam is co-Founder of Humanitix, the first not for profit ticketing company in the world dedicated to unlocking the philanthropic potential of every event and redistributing booking fees to charitable organisations around Australia. . Adam has a double degree from UNSW in Mathematics and Engineering, and did his post-graduate masters in Horticulture and Technology where he spent his thesis growing crops and improving yields in Tanzania in areas where malnutrition is rife.


2017 Award – Entrepreneurship (African Feeling Restaurant)

Hudu is the man behind the famous successful brand of African Feeling Restaurant based in Newtown. He is famous for his African cuisines that have been an attractions to all people including non Africans.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Boxing)

N'valaye Sesay is a professional boxer who kick started his career in 2008 as an amateur boxer before turning professional in 2016.

As a passionate and professional athlete, he has organized boot camps that have involved members of the African Australian community since 2014. The camps are aimed at helping many members of the community improve their health and fitness.

“I am grateful to Celebration of African Australians for recognising my effort and giving me this award. It means a lot to me and I am even motivated more to give back to the community that has always been there for me.”


2017 Award – Living Legend (Founder - Nakango Vision Group)

Rev. Nava holds an Australian Accreditation as a Minister of the Gospel; She also holds a Legend Award as an Australian African leader within the African community both recognized in Australia and back in her homeland; She has received Award as an Ambassador for Peace.; She is an accomplished actress; Singer; Fashion designer and a Pastor.

Rev. Nava is a voice for those less fortunate than her and works tirelessly through her Organisations called Nakango Vision and Agape Community Church to ensure Africans living in Australia feel integrated in their new country.

Rev. Nava is very passionate about advocacy, supporting people and business. These qualities are evident when you meet her in person.

Rev. Nava setup Nakango Vision (NKV) in 2008 as a Multicultural non-Profit Community Organisation, that is dedicated to providing life-changing support to migrants, humanitarian entrants, refugees, asylum seekers and International students. What a heart this lady has…..


2017 Award – Young African Achiever

Born and raised in Kenya, Consolate relocated to Australia in 2013 to undertake a Bachelor’s of Social work with a minor in Psychology at Australian Catholic University. She has previously completed an Advanced Diploma in Business and Marketing from TAFE Ultimo and Diploma in Business Administration in Kenya.

“I want to inspire and empower young people especially International students in Australia. I hope to give back to the community by sharing my journey, lessons and experiences and tell them with hard work, persistence and prayers, nothing is impossible in this land of opportunities.”

Consolate has volunteered in various University projects and received many scholarships

 October 2017- Appointed Human Resource Assistant for Executive Secretary of CISA (Council of International Student in Australia).

September 2017- Appointed ACU’s representative for the mentorship program of newly arrived international students.

August 2017- Appointed ACU’S representative for the Interchange program 2017 (Together with eight other students from different universities across Sydney, we interviewed 150 International students on the issues within housing in Sydney and created awareness around accessible legal services for International students.

July 2017- Appointed ACU’S Ambassador for the Council of International Student Australia, Canberra conference (CISA).

Provost International Core Curriculum Program Scholarship. We      visited Sant’ Egidio Community which offers support to immigrants e.g. Italian language classes etc. and the immigrants rendered homeless who sheltered in cathedrals around Rome. The highlight was meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican’s public audience.

January 2017- I was awarded a Scholarship for the Rome Vice Chancellor’s Travel Grant and

January 2016- Awarded with a scholarship for participation of Australian Catholic University’s Strathfield choir.

December 2015-Participated at the International student welcome desk at Kingsford Smith International Airport, Sydney.


2017 Award – Friends of Africa (Sports Donations)

2016 Award – Friends of Africa (Sports Donations)

Their friendship started by feeling sympathy for the Ugandan cricket team players sharing equipment while participating in a high profile International Cricket Council match in 2005. Since then, BDCC has endeavoured to collect cricket sports gear and ship it to Uganda every year. Thank you so much for the HEART OF GOLD.

BDCC developed interest to support Uganda Cricket Association  at the ICC U/19 World Cup in Bangladesh where players were sharing equipment. The club that prides itself in having a social conscience and motivated by its most famous member Steve Waugh’s dictum “Anyone can make a difference,” has shipped containers of sports equipment to Uganda since 2005. Donors include individuals, clubs, associations, schools, manufacturers, retailers and corporations. This equipment is used by talented kinds whose parents cannot afford to buy new gear. http://www.bankstowncricket.com/bankstowncricket/uganda.html


2017 Award – Community Service Excellence

2016 Award – Outstanding Community Project

Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development International – GLAPD Int. Ltd. GLAPD , pronounced ‘glah-ped’, was established on August 15, 2011 by members of the Congolese, Rwandan, Burundian and Ugandan communities in NSW, Australia. Their idea was to establish an organisation that could bring together all refugees and migrants from the Great Lakes of Africa living in Australia and abroad.

Their vision was to build peace and development and make a positive impact on those who have been through tough situations and who are living in insecurity, fear and trauma. All the paper work was done and the organisation was registered by ASIC on 25 January 2012.

GLAPD is an international humanitarian non-profit, non-religious and non-political agency which was formed to contribute to peace and development amongst the people of Africa’s Great Lakes region, at the local, regional and international level.


2017 Award – Community Service Excellence

2015 Award – Community Service Excellence

SydWest Multicultural Services is the largest multicultural organisation in Western Sydney, a leading NGO assisting and empowering CALD communities for 30 years. SydWest’s services & programs help the most vulnerable within the CALD population in the Blacktown and Nepean regions, including youth & children, seniors, people with disabilities, refugees & humanitarian entrants across their life journey. SydWest works with individuals as well as community groups and collaborates with others to promote social harmony, cohesion and build social capacity in the region.

Between 1999 to 2006 when the Australia’s Humanitarian Programme shifted to resettle refugees and humanitarian entrants from African, SydWest(previously Blacktown Migrant Resource Centre provided support to a large number Individuals and families from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Congo and Rwanda – most of these individuals are now active participants in Australia.

SydWest continues to support individuals and groups from Africa through: Casework support with projects like the South Sudanese Project – running weekly civic education workshops. They also run a social group (from Mt.Druitt) and an African women’s group (weekly from the Blacktown office).

SydWest is currently one of the largest employers of African professionals across its Aged and Disability Services as well as Community Engagement divisions, including a senior manager, 3 team leaders and junior staff.

In the near future SydWest will be focusing more on targeted African communities for further support.

Melanie Champion

2016 Award – Community Engagement (Events & Networking)

Melanie is a true champion in the African community who has made herself available for various tasks since 2006. She has hosted many events including AMMA Awards and Australia Festival and runs her own organisation Champion Marketing Solutions.

Early in her working career Melanie Champion realised that she wanted to run her own business & after exiting the corporate world, took on her first client, local R&B artist Mike Champion. This led to the formation of MC Entertainment Management. Melanie was responsible for creating the Mike Champion brand that formed the foundation for a successful career already spanning more than a decade. During this time she also ran nightclub events at various venues in Sydney, & as a result built a solid contact base.

She has also run a successful blog called Secret life of Angel http://secretlifeofangel.blogspot.com.au/ where she has published articles on fashion, music, entertainment, celebrity interviews, product reviews among others.

SBS Radio Swahili Program

2016 Award – 

Community Engagement (Events & Networking)

Four over four years, this program has engaged Swahili speaking Africans with variety of programs across the SBS Radio. The program has promoted African culture and held so many interviews with Swahili speaking peoples in NSW and beyond. The program has a live streaming on http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/swahili

Africa Women Group

2016 Award – Community Engagement (Events, Networking & Projects)

The group came together as friends in 2005 with a vision of bringing fellow female African refugees and migrants together. Since then, the group has offered support to numerous Africans and hosts a women dinner each year that bring together 100s of women across Australia.

Charmaine Bingwa

2016 Award – Multi-Talent (Music & Acting)

Charmaine is an award-winning singer, songwriter, actor and screenwriter.

She recently received 8 nominations in the 2016 MusicOz Awards, and landed in the Top 5 in the Urban category. She is a competent vocalist and guitarist; she has performed on stage with international superstars Jessica Mauboy Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony and Rachel Platten among others. 

As an actor she has appeared on US television, as well as in the award-winning short film "Last Words"; she also played lead roles in two Sydney Fringe Festival plays last year "Sunday Morning in the South" and "A Snowflake on the Tongue of Oberon". As a writer, she has had her work optioned and is now in production with the series "Little Sista".

Charmaine's energy and drive comes from her passion and commitment to seeing diversity on screen and in all elements of life. She is on the MEAA's Equity Diversity Committee, a member of the Queerscreen Programming Team and a judge of grant recipients and is the host of KINO Sydney. No doubt her drive, commitment and talent will take her much further.

Bow Australia Fashion and 

OneBantu Clothing

2016 Award – 

Entrepreneurship (Africa Fashion & Craft)

Originally from Zimbabwe, their passion has always been about African community and promoting the African culture. Through their unique designs and fashions, they have transformed the African image in Australia. They sell their products online and regularly have PoP UP shops around Australia. https://www.facebook.com/bowaustraliafashion/?fref=ts

Every product they sell has a touch of unique African design and craftsmanship, and draws in centuries of art, heritage, culture and tradition fusing with contemporary design. They are also passionate about supporting talented African artists, designers and African local communities, who use ethical and sustainable practices to produce African garments and accessories.

Mondo Lange

2016 Award – 

Entrepreneurship (Skin & Hair Products)

Mondo is a proud African Australian, born and raised in Lesotho. In December 2015, after she could not find hair and skin care products in the Australian market that suited her needs, she started a small business called La Mondz that sells skin care products specifically made for African skin and hair. She is currently studying Aromatherapy for Health and Wellbeing, and is a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapy. Her products can be bought online https://www.lamondz.com.au

Dr Aggrey Kiyingi

2016 Award – 

Professional Excellence (Cardiologist)

Dr Aggrey Kiyingi is an Australian-based health professional. Aggrey is trained as a Cardiologist (Heart Specialist) and has a practice located in Merrylands.

Originally from Uganda, Dr Kiyingi has established himself as a living medical icon in Sydney. His long span of successful practice has been a testimony to many patients who have found him unique in handling heart-related diseases.

Jane Rose Munganyika

2016 Award – Living Legend

Jane Migrated to Australia in 1993 with her family and has settled in Sydney since then.

She has worked in Australia as an interpreter for On call interpreter services, Centerlink and The community relations commission.

She has also worked for SSI (settlement services international) and ACL ( Australian centre for languages) as a case worker helping migrants settle in Australia. 

‘Working as a caseworker has given me an opportunity to use my experience to help people that were going through the same things I went through when I arrived in Australia.’

She took in and helped people who had nowhere to live until they got on their feet. Jane goes above and beyond to help people, her clients will always say how welcome and loved they felt. It meant so much for them especially being in a new country where things are overwhelming upon first arriving. She has always put so much passion in what ever she does without hesitation, weather it was giving people a roof over their heads when they needed it or waking up at 2 in the morning to help a client. Her love and passion for helping people and her willingness to help even when it meant time away from her family is the reason she deserves this honour of a Living Legend.

Anastacia Wainaina

2016 Award – Humanitarian (Founder, Make It Happen Foundation) 

(Founder Make It Happen Initiative)

Annastacia is a founding director of Make It happen Initiative – a non profit organisation in Kenya that creates awareness, educates, lobbies and researches on child adoption http://www.make-ithappen.org .  She is passionate about life and love.  She also strongly loves and cares about children. Her vision is to build a legacy that will inspire generations to come to answer to the call of their greatness. She believes that every child deserves a family and a childhood.

Harmony Day - GLAPD Int

2016 Award – Outstanding Community Project

Organised by Great lakes Agency for Peace and Development (GLAPD) https://glapd.com , the day brings together members from the great lakes region and others to celebrate and embrace different African cultures and diversity in NSW every year.

Rwanda cultural Day

2016 Award – Outstanding Community Project

The Rwandan Cultural Day is an annual community event that brings together mainly people from Rwandan background and other communities as a way of breaking isolation, engaging and encouraging participation and integration.

The event provides a platform for the Rwandan community and other communities to work together and to showcase African heritage, creative diversity, and talents to the wider Australian Society.  The Day provides participants with an opportunity to showcase our collective accomplishments in spite of the significant issues and challenges faced by emerging African communities as we continue to settle in and significantly contribute as productive members to Australian society.


2016 Award –Community Service Excellence

RACS is the pre-eminent and longest running Refugee Community Legal Centre in NSW. Over 26 years, RACS has established a solid reputation as the leading provider of free, expert legal services to people seeking asylum & refugees. RACS strives to ensure that individuals and families at risk of persecution gain access to equal and fair representation before the law so they may be granted due protection in accordance with Australia’s international obligations. For more information visit www.racs.org.au 


2016 Award –Community Service Excellence

Anglicare Sydney’s mission, throughout our 160 year history, has been to serve the vulnerable, poor and socially excluded with respect, compassion and love.

Anglicare Sydney exists to meet the material, social, emotional and spiritual needs of those who come to them for assistance.  They acknowledge that each person is created by God, and in serving they disregard any racial, cultural, socio-economic, and man-made barriers that divide us from each other. Their faith in Jesus Christ compels them to act with compassion, help the vulnerable, and be a voice for the disadvantaged. https://www.anglicare.org.au/about-us

CORE Community Services

2016 Award –Community Service Excellence

The organization runs a range of services, and is highly regarded for its high quality service to diverse communities. Its Services include – Children’s Services, Youth Services, Multicultural Communities, Aged and Disability Care and Community Engagement.

CORE Community Services Ltd is a not for profit organisation operating in the South West Sydney area for more than 37 years. CORE stands for the organisation’s values – Care, Opportunity, Respect and Empowerment. The organisation runs a range of services, and is highly regarded for its high quality service to diverse communities. http://cabracc.org.au/ccc/contact-us.htm

NSW Refugee health Services

2016 Award –Community Service Excellence

The service aims to protect and promote the health of refugees and people of refugee-like background. The NSW Refugee Health Service was set up by the NSW Department of Health in 1999 to help meet some of these challenges. The organization aims to promote the health of people from a refugee background living in NSW by assisting refugees, and the health professionals who work with them. https://www.swslhd.nsw.gov.au/refugee/default.html

Nadia Taylor , Egyptian-Australian is Co-founder and Director of tna Australia Pty Ltd

tna is a global leader in the food packaging and processing industry. With 26 offices globally and installations in over 120 countries around the world, tna employs over 265 staff globally and has a turnover of over AUD$150 million.

Nadia is the founder who encouraged and persisted with establishing the company, having started from her kitchen at home with a dream.  With no tertiary education, but a determination to work hard and never give up, she was instrumental in developing the business globally.  In 1992 she was a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. See video
Nadia is active in the strategy and running of the business.  Her role encompasses Public Relations, Business Development, building tna’s Global Customer Relationship, as well as the management of tna’s extensive philanthropic program.


tna’s “Taking Care of Kids” program includes the support of under privileged children in several countries including Australia, South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Egypt, Mexico, El Salvador, and Colombia to name a few.  tna’s focus is to assist the poorest of the poor children by feeding, clothing and education.


Nadia’s working life commenced working in an engineering based company followed by 10 years in the snack food industry prior to establishing tna.


Eve Howell, a Sudanese-British-Australian, is ONE of the true pioneers of oil and gas exploration in Australia, was the highest ranking woman in the petroleum industry in her position as chief executive of Apache Energy Australia. (Her Father  is Sudanese and mother is British). She was also one of Woodside's top executives, responsible for the North West Shelf, Australia's biggest resource development. She serves as a Non-Executive Director at Mermaid Marine AustraliaLimited (MMA) .

Eve has over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry in a number of technical and managerial roles. Eve was most recently Executive Vice President for Health, Safety & Security at Woodside Energy Ltd and served as Executive Vice President of North West Shelf at Woodside.

Eve is currently a director of Downer EDI Limited, the West Australian Ballet and the Ngarluma & Yindjibarndi Foundation. She has previously served on a number of boards, including the Fremantle Port Authority, the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (where she chaired the Environmental Affairs Committee) and as a board member and President of the Australian Mines and Metals Association. Eve is also a past President of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists, a life member of the Petroleum Club of WA and a distinguished member of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia.

Eve holds a Bachelor of Science (with Honours in Geology and Mathematics) from the University of London and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School. Eve has also attended an Advanced Management Program at Thunderbird Campus in the United States.

The Chairman of (Mermaid Marine Australia Limited) MMA, Mr Tony Howarth said: “We are delighted to welcome Eve to the Board of Mermaid Marine. Eve’s unique skills and extensive experience within the oil and gas industry will both complement and enhance the effectiveness of the Mermaid Marine Board”.





Franklyn is the first lady to be elected President of the Ghanaian community in NSW.

Prior to this, she participated in supporting the Ghana Association of NSW in various roles for many years.

She is also the Chairperson of The African Women’s Group Inc. Her main goal is to help and support African Women and children in Australia in every area of their lives especially those from Refugee backgrounds. She is against Domestic and Racial violence and believes that women who find themselves in such situations should speak out.

Franklyn was the Chairperson for the African Christian Women’s Group. Connecting and sharing the word of God with other African women.

She champions the cause of Women’s Rights and is a firm believer that all are created equal and should not face discrimination due to race, religion or gender.

Currently, Franklyn is involved with the Department of Attorney General, now the Juvenile Justice Department in identifying issues affecting the African communities especially the Youth.

She has worked for Shine of Kids- an organisation that helps children whose parent/s is incarcerated.

She is also involved with The NSW African HIV Network – discussing issues and educating the African communities about HIV/ AIDS

Franklyn is actively involved in the resurrection of the African Communities Council (ACC)


Assefa Bekele, an Ethiopian,  was an Olympic torch bearer during the 2000 Sydney Olympics and worked as a volunteer and language expert for both Amharic and Greek during the Olympics.

He is the founder of  the Ethiopian Community Association of New South Wales, and worked as a  Mining and Metallurgical engineering in Australia.

Assefa currently serves  the  New South Wales Police as its Multicultural Community Liaison Officer (MCLO).

Assefa has been showcased in various main stream media including the SBS TV's
Behind the Front Door Broadcast Programs.

Further, Assefa was nominated by colleagues and community members to run for the Senate office in the 1996 Australian Federal election. He is currently a member of the Men's Advisory Committee against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that affects many girls in some parts of Africa and has presented talks on this issue. Assefa is also a volunteer with NSW St John’s Ambulance Service as a Senior First Aider for 10 years.

In 2008, he wrote a play titled "Please Explain", with this he participated in the Sydney Writers Festival, representing African Writers in Western Sydney. This was organised by the Blacktown Arts Centre. The play was about the experiences of 2 Ethiopian migrants in Australia. In 2008, he was involved with the initiative of Change International and invited 2 Nigerian religious leaders ( Imam and Pastor) who are pioneers on the forgiveness, reconciliation and tolerance.

Most importantly, Assefa believes in voluntarism. According to Assefa, “it is the one thing that gave me the opportunity to be where I am, more than my academic qualifications. I love helping people and find it very fulfilling, both on the community and personal level.”


Dr Bernice Kotey  Associate Professor, Faculty of The Professions, School of Business Economics and Public Policy, University of New England, Armidale NSW, Australia.


B.Sc Admin (Ghana), MEc, (NE), PhD (NE)

Areas of Teaching

Small Business Management, Small Business Policy

Research interests

Issues in Small Business Management, Women in Business, Psychology of the business owner, planning and performance in small firms, debt and equity finance in small firms, small business policy in developing economies, management and performance issues in small and family business, financial issues in small business and small business policy.


Dr Paul A. Iji, a Nigerian by birth, is an Associate Professor of Poultry Science and the Postgraduate Coordinator of the School of Environmental and Rural Science at the University of New England (UNE), Armidale, Australia.

Dr Iji studied in Nigeria, Scotland and Australia.  He worked at Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria for 12 years and also in South Africa before returning to Australia.  In the mid-1990s, while studying for his PhD, he was a Representative of the Association of Nigerians Abroad (ANA) in the Oceania region and an official of the Nigerian Association in South Australia. 

On obtaining his PhD, he took up appointment at the University of Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal) and also worked at the University of Pretoria and Central University of Technology, South Africa over a period of about six years.  He was a founding member and first President of the Nigerian Association in KwaZulu-Natal.  He returned to Australia about 7 years ago to take up his present position at UNE and is currently leading the formation of the African Association in New England. 

Dr Iji heads one of the few groups in the world investigating gastrointestinal function in poultry and other farm animals.  He has supervised and graduated nine PhD students, and currently supervises several postgraduate students, in addition to his teaching and coordinating commitments. 

Dr Iji is the author of a research book, Writing and Publishing Your Research and a children’s book, A Guide for Young Africans Growing up Overseas, both available through Amazon.   He has also published 5 book chapters, and close to 200 journal and conference papers. 

Dr Iji has been an invited Speaker at 15 international conferences in Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia.  He is an excellent mentor of students and has presented seminars on study and writing skills to students in Australia, Nigeria and New Zealand.  He is an Associate Editor of six scientific journals, and also reviews articles for many other animal science journals. 

Until recently, Dr Iji was the New England regional Chairman of the World’s Poultry Science Association; is a Registered Animal Nutritionist, and Member of the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science; Nutrition Society of Australia, and Australian Society of Animal Production, among other professional societies.  Dr Iji was recently offered a one-year fellowship by the Nigerian Universities Commission, to spend sabbatical leave in universities in Nigeria.  



Olivia Wellesley-Cole is an Australian of Sierra Leonean background who is currently (mid 2012) working with the United Nations World Food Programme at its regional office for Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.

Olivia came to Sydney from UK in 1987 as a skilled migrant and temporary resident, and like so many others stayed and became an Australian citizen.  There were not many Sierra Leoneans / Sierra Leonean Australians in Sydney at that time.

Olivia believes in the importance of partnerships and networking, which include mentoring and supporting others to grow and in turn contribute their skills to the community.  As a result of this belief she has been a member of the following organisations in NSW:

African Communities Organisation (ACO), African Communities Council (ACC), West Indian Association, Baraka Community Singers, Australian National Committee on Refugee Women (ANCORW), Friends of Sierra Leone (FOSL), Sierra Leone Association (SLA), Sierra Leone Refugee Support Group (SLRSG) and Sierra Leone Women Wan Word (SLWWW).

Olivia graduated from University of Sydney in 2006 with her second master’s degree. This was in International Law (in particular Refugee, Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law) paved the way for her to undertake international contracts with United Nations and Australian government from 2007 on.

Some of her key achievements are:

·         Being selected by the Australian government to work in partnership with the US State Department in the newly-independent state of South Sudan in September-December 2011

·         Delivering a speech on behalf of international non-government organisations (NGOs) to world government representatives at the UN Refugee Agency’s executive committee meeting in Geneva in 2005 (as a representative of ANCORW)

·         Being appointed as attaché to the Sierra Leone Olympic team at the world Games in Sydney in 2000

·         Being present at Sydney airport to welcome the first 30 resettled Sierra Leoneans arriving from Guinea under the Australian government refugee program in May 2000

·         Running the African-Australian Young Achievers’ Awards (a program based on Young Australian of the Year) in Sydney for 9 years from 1998 with support of FOSL

·         Working with FOSL and SLA in late 1990s to successfully advocate for the Australian government to resettle Africans from various conflicts on that continent to Australia

·         As part of SLRSG, forming a critical partnership with Northern Beaches Refugee Sanctuary, an organisation run out of Manly, which has provided financial assistance through revolving loans to many entrants under the Australian Government Special Humanitarian Scheme since early 2000s

·         Being a co-founder Transform De People (Australia) an organisation which is working with NSW area health and FGM educational branch in partnership to provide training for women in Sierra Leone

·         Being a co-founder of the African Women's Advocacy Unit a former project of ANCORW which has now developed into African Women of Australia (AWAU)


Ezekiel Uba Nwosefamously called Uba, is a Nigeria born and made professional medical scientist. He obtained MSc Biochemistry after his BSc Medical Technology in Nigeria. He worked with the Kuwait ministry of health for 3.5 years before migrating to Australia with his family on independent skilled migration visa.

At the academic level: Uba obtained PhD in Biomedical Science from the Charles Sturt University. Remarkably:

  • He was remarked as the first person to complete a doctorate degree from the Albury-Wodonga campus whose history dates back to 1972
  • He completed his PhD ahead of time, but still produced nine journal papers excluding several national and international conference presentations
  • His principal PhD supervisor has continued to collaborate with him in academic research till date

Uba is currently the program coordinator of the bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSC) at Charles Darwin University. He doubles as the Chairperson of the BMLSC Program Advisory Committee to the University. The first African trained professional Medical Scientist to attain the feat and serve as light to Africans in that field. Uba official URL is http://www.cdu.edu.au/pcs/staff-profiles/uba-nwose

At the professional level: Uba has been a Chartered Scientist and Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of England (IBMS, London). Here in Australian, he is a corporate ‘Member’ of the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS). He has served as invited book reviewer for the institute, as well as peer reviewer, and Guest Editor for many African and non-African journals in medical sciences. He continues to serve as member of Editorial Board for the North American Journal of Medical Sciences.

At the community level: In research, he is currently looking at improving the screening of future risk of cardiovascular disease in people who has undiagnosed diabetes and prediabetes. It is remarkable that Uba is now coordinating a team of research collaborators here in Australia to continue this work. Uba started his Australian life at Albury-Wodonga. The remarkable support he provided the African refugee migrants in the community led to him being a recipient of department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Certificate of Appreciation during the Refugee Week 2010. There he was instrumental to the establishment of the African Union Albury-Wodonga, especially serving as the first president. In that period, he also saw to the training of three African women in food handling and establishment of ‘A taste of Africa’ food stalls at council events. Until job displacement Sydney early 2011, Uba also served as member of Albury’s Regional Advisory Council to the NSW Community Relations Commission at Albury. He continually welcomes invitations to counsel African families and enlighten Australian volunteer groups on the similarities between African and Australian cultures. He also volunteers academic support to University students for their assignments.


“Ruth is the most honest and loving person I know. She is very caring and very motherly to all those who come to her home. She is committed to her work and always wants to be there for others in the community.” One of the members of the Uganda community in NSW described her. Ruth came to Australia from Uganda in 1988 as a training exchange student with Westmead Hospital. She then enrolled for a Bachelors of Nursing at Sydney University in 1993, qualifying with an honours degree three years later. She has worked in many of the big hospitals in NSW as a Registered Nurse showing a lot of passion and dedication to her patients.  She has worked at Concord Hospital, St Vincent Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Blue Mountains Hospital and very many Aged Care facilities helping the elderly and the frail. Her shifts are countless. Ruth has also been central to the establishment and formation of the Uganda Community in NSW since its budding stages. Her house has hosted a lot of community functions and activities over the last two decades. She has played an advisory role especially to the Ugandan women many of whom are now working in the health sector of NSW. She was instrumental in the organisation of Uganda’s 5o years of independence get-together in 2012, an event that attracted 100 of Ugandans from different parts of NSW. Her community involvement saw her be named on the welcoming committee that ushered in Uganda’s first president to visit Australia in 2007. Ms Ruth is also a strong supporter of many charities in NSW that support Ugandans back home including the recently formed Heart of Gold Africa foundation.



 Mike Champion singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist, was born in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia on the 2nd December 1983.

Of South African descent this young star was born only a year after his parents immigrated to Australia. At an early age it became apparent to his parents that Mike had a natural ability to sing, dance and captivate just about any audience with his raw talent. At the age of eight Mike joined a band with his sisters and began rapping as “Micky C” as at various nightclubs around Sydney.

Upon coming of age, Mike began performing (legally!) his original music household name in the local urban music scene, Mike Champion has shared stages with the likes of Akon, TPain, Bobby Valentino,Boyz II Men, Flo‐Rida, KCi and JoJo, Horace Brown, Kid Cudi, Rashaan Patterson, Teddy Riley and Blackstreet as well as local icons Scarlett Belle, Short Stack, K1, Gary Pinto, Don Dolla, Selwyn and the Killa Queenz. Mike also works with under-privileged youth on various programs and is one of the few artists who, to this day, has remained true to his art and, more importantly, to himself.


Beryl Segers,  left South Africa 24 years ago to start a new life in Australia and she is determined to keep her South African roots alive.

Beryl has a background in event management. She has worked on a number of the State’s high profile events including Medal Ceremonies for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, the Athlete’s Welcoming Ceremonies for the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games, Program Coordinator for the 2002 Sydney Gay Games Cultural Festival and Program Administrator for the Melbourne 2005 Deaf Olympics Cultural Festival.

In 2002 she set up her company to produce South African comedy and music events. Some of the high profile events include producing the first South Africa Freedom Festival in 2004, producing the first South African Film Festival in 2005 and several other successful productions for South African touring entertainers.

In 2009 she set up Beryl Segers Presents and produced her first piece of musical theatre, A Chorus Line. Other productions include William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Bare: A Pop Opera in conjunction with the Sydney Fringe Festival. This year also saw her produce the first South Africa Comedy tour.

Beryl also has extensive experience in public administration including working as Parliamentary Coordinator for a former NSW Minister.

Beryl is passionate about supporting charities in South Africa for disadvantaged children and those infected and affected by the HIV AIDS pandemic.


Dean Stanley Geyer is a South-African born Australian singer-songwriter and actor who came third in the 2006 season of the talent contest Australian Idol, and currently portrays Reynolds in Terra Nova.

Within weeks after the series finale of Australian Idol, Dean signed an exclusive recording contract with SonyBMG in 2006. Dean released his first single, "If You Don't Mean It" which premiered on radio stations on 5 April 2007. The single was released to iTunes on 5 May 2007. The single peaked on the ARIA Charts at number 10. The album, recorded in early February, was released on 26 May 2007.

Dean released his debut album, Rush on 26 May 2007. The album peaked at number 7 on the ARIA Charts. In late 2007, Dean toured as a supporting act across Australia for ARIA Award-Winning music duo The Veronicas on there "Hook Me Up" tour. He would later appear in the duo's music video for "This Love", playing the love interest of Lisa Origliasso his then fiancée.

In November 2007, Ten Network announced Dean has signed on to become a series regular on the long-time running Australian Soap Opera, Neighbours.  Dean Geyer made his acting and Neighbours debut on 27 March 2008. He portrays the role of Ty Harper, a law-school dropout and aspiring musician. On the 19 May 2008 episode, Geyer performed a duet with Neighbours Co-Star, Caitlin Stasey which their characters Rachel and Ty performed at the Erinsborough High School Formal. The song became a cult success and reached the ARIA download charts at number 40. Despite a series favorite, Geyer left the series during the first half of 2009 to concentrate his music career.

In June 2010, Dean was announced to make his film debut in the Action Drama film Never Back Down 2. He will star alongside MMA fighter, Scott Epstein with Actor Michael Jai White to make his directional debut. Filming took place in September 2010 and wrapped in November. The film is set for a 13 September 2011 release.

Dean Geyer can currently be seen in "Terra Nova" and the film "Never Back Down 2".


2004 Won TREV Awards (Tertiary Recreation Entertainment Victoria) Best Acoustic Act James Dean (Dean Geyer's Band)
2007 Won Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards Fave Hottie
2009 Nominated Logie Awards of 2009 Most Popular New Male Talent Neighbours
2006 TV Guide Australia's "Hottest Guys on Television"
2006 POPrepublic.tvm "Male Hottie of 2006"


George Musarurwa Gregan AM (born 19 April 1973 in Lusaka, Zambia) is an Australian rugby union halfback who has made more appearances for his national team than any other player in the sport's history.

Gregan played Super 12 (now Super Rugby) for the Brumbies from the inception of that competition in 1996 through 2007, helping to lead them to overall victories in 2001 and 2004. He is a foundation Brumbies player and one of the few players whose career spans both the amateur and professional eras. His appearances as Australian captain include a Bledisloe Cup win in 2002 and an extra-time loss to England in the 2003 Rugby World Cup final. As a member of the Wallabies team, Gregan has attained the zenith of the rugby world, winning the Rugby World Cup in 1999. Gregan and his longtime Wallabies teammate, fly-half Stephen Larkham, also hold the all-time record for Test appearances by a halfback partnership with 79.

Visit Gregan's website for more information.


Hassan Omar arrived in Australia in August 1983 on a scholarship from his motherland Somalia. As soon as he arrived up until his untimely death on 11th March 2009, he worked tirelessly to help others, building bridges between Australians and his fellow Africans from the Horn. As President of HARDA, and in every action and deed, Hassan lived the life of a true humanitarian.

His commitment to his ‘brothers and sisters’ in Africa and Australia was legendary. He was never daunted by ‘people in high places’ and would always pursue his agenda at every opportunity.
Together with this commitment to ‘the cause’ was a dedication to lifelong learning and growth, not just for himself but for countless others that he pushed to achieve. In 1985 Hassan received his Postgraduate Diploma in Ecosystem Management from the University of New England. He continued his studies and gained a Certificate of Interpreting Preparatory Paraprofessional level, a Certificate in Community Welfare Work and a Diploma in Community Welfare Work in rapid succession. These qualifications were in addition to the Diploma in Animal Science and Range Management and the Certificate in Wildlife Management earned by Hassan back in Africa.

In 1993 he established the Horn of Africa Settlement Group which helped to settle more than twenty families from the Horn of Africa. Hassan also started the Somali Community Association and the Ogaden Relief Association to help the troubled people from the Ogaden region of Ethiopia. He was the founder of the Voiceless Children’s Network and an active executive member of the African Communities Council. In 2003 he founded HARDA and was president for five years to 2008, then Director of Overseas Aid in 2008-2009.

Hassan took it upon himself to assist anyone in need and did this with sincerity and compassion. He always said that he belonged to the ‘greater global family’ and would not refuse anyone in need of help. He will be greatrly missed by his loved ones and the greater global family.

He is survived by his wife Kathy and four children - Deeqo, Aden, Jamaal and Salah


James Ben Addo, was born in the village of Kona in Ghana, West Africa in 1949. He worked as a teacher in Ghana, Nigeria and Libya. After the Americans bombed Muammar Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli, which was beside the school he was teaching in, he quickly left the country. He arrived in Australian in 1986. Settled in Sydney and quickly adapted to a new lifestyle very different to Africa.

With his concern for others he soon became involved in assisting and counselling new arrivals to the country. Between 1988 and 1995 he became the President of the Ghana Association and the President and one of the founding members of the African Communities Council which was mainly involved with the settlement issues of the emerging African communities. During the Somalian Famine Appeal in 1995 he organised a function that raised a substantial amount of money which was donated to Community Aid Abroad. He was a vibrant member of the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW and represented Africa on many advisory committees for the New South Wales Government. As a continuation of this involvement he also does occasional work as an Interpreter in the Asante language of Ghana.

In the workplace he became involved with the concerns and issues of other employees and became involved in industrial issues in the workplace becoming a Union Delegate rising to be a Union Official.  He went back to university and studied commerce acquiring his Master of Commerce in 1999. He continued his educational career as a teacher becoming a University Lecturer and Tutor in Workplace Relations. He has recently graduated with a Post Graduate Certificate in Social Health and Counselling from Macquarie University.

There was a natural progression to be involved in the good works of Rotary and James has been a Rotarian for approximately 12 years receiving a Paul Harris fellowship award for his dedication to issues of the underprivileged. He was instrumental in acquiring assistance and help in the setting up of much needed water wells for many villages in Ghana and has kept up this interest during his time in his local club, the Rotary Club of Carlingford, who amongst many good works have an interest in securing safe water for Africa.

James is a dedicated father and grandfather to a growing number of grandchildren both here in Australia and Ghana.


Geoffrey Kakaire

Popularly known as ‘Uncle Geoffrey’in his community, Geoffrey Kakaire migrated to Australia in 1976 together with his very young family.

He is recognised as one of the first indigenous Ugandan to arrive in Australia as many of his colleagues fled to Britain during the unforgettable regime of Idi Amin, former president of Uganda (1971 – 1979). Geoffrey settled in New South Wales where he undertook studies and also educated his five children making the state his home for the last 38 years.He was one of the three founders of the Uganda Community in New South Wales together with Mr Godfrey Namakoyi and Dr Charles Kivunjja. In 1984, the three met in Uncle Geoffrey’s sitting room to start the association which brought together the Ugandans in New South Wales to forge unity in diaspora and also start projects to help friends and family back in Uganda.Uncle Geoffrey has remained a great mentor to Many Ugandans helping them to settle and establish themselves in New South Wales. He has also served on various Ugandan community committees in different capacities for the last three decades.

Geoffrey also played a supportive role to his fallen late brother Dr James Lukabyo (former Uganda High Commissioner to Australia) to initiate the establishment of a Community Health Centre in their home village of Ibulanku in Uganda. The health centre that gradually turned into a community hospital, treats mostly tropical diseases like Malaria and Tuberclosis and it carries out immunisation of children and adults against diseases like Measles, Polio, TB, Whooping cough and has also helped in the treatment of people with HIV Aids. This has made a difference in the health of the local people in that community.

Geoffrey studied at Kuring-gai College of Advanced  Education (now University of Technology, Sydney) and qualified as an Accountant in 1979.  He went on to work as an Accountant with the then Department of Motor Transport  (now Roads and Maritime Services). He later joined then State Transit Authority (Sydney Buses) as a Revenue Officer, a job he dedicated himself to do for 20 years until his retirement.

He later studied Australia Migration Law and Practice at the University of New South Wales and qualified as a Migration agent in 2003. He is an accredited Migration Agent and dedicated in giving free service and assistance to refugees coming from war torn countries.He is a member of Migration Institute Australia and has also been instrumental in helping and offering Migration advice to Ugandans migrating into Australia for the last decade. Uncle Geoffrey is also Justice of the Peace who has helped many members of his community and others since 2004.He has helped in the establishment of the Heart of Gold Africa Foundation founded by budding fashion icon Suzan Mutesi. The foundation aims at establishing and supporting schools in rural areas of Africa. Geoffrey has also donated to various charities in Australia and overseas.


Ronnie Kintu

Ronnie was born in Kampala Uganda to Hon Moses R K Kintu (Lawyer and government minister) and Mrs Jane Kintu.

He came to Australia in 2007 and undertook a double degree masters program in International Communication and International Relations at Macquarie University (Sydney) graduating in 2011.

As a qualified journalist and teacher with a Bachelors of Education and diploma in Journalism obtained at Makerere University – Kampala, Ronnie has always engaged with the community playing various leadership and social roles.

He is the outgoing President of the Uganda Association of NSW Australia (2010 – 2013), a role he served with diligence lifting the profile of his community to a recognisable level in NSW. During his tenure as president, he put in place measures to connect Ugandans spread across NSW through community activities and effective networking. He was also instrumental in helping new Ugandan arrivals to settle in NSW and also connecting them to various services.

Ronnie was also the chairman of the organising committee that staged a historical ceremony in Sydney to mark 50 years of Uganda’s independence. Ronnie has travelled wide in Australia meeting various Ugandans in Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth. He has also been instrumental in helping establish some state-based Ugandan associations. He has also established a wide network with various cultural groups across Australia.

In 2010, he was a co-founder of Uganda Forum Australia and in 2011 he was also instrumental in establishing the CALD Mens social club of NSW.

Ronnie has also established him self in crisis support services and currently works with Lifeline Australia – Sydney in the training sector having obtained a certificate IV in Training and Assessment in 2011.

He has previously worked as a journalist for The New vision – Uganda’s leading Newspaper and has been a correspondent sports journalist for the International Cricket Council (ICC). He has served as the Organising secretary and administration assistant with the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) and Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA).

His love for the community has seen him take on various voluntary activities. Ronnie currently volunteers for YMCA Community Visitor’s Scheme, Australia Red Cross, United Nations Human Rights Commission and various church-based charities. He is also a link and provides support to numerous charity organisations based in Australia with projects in Uganda.

He is a member of Migration Institute Australia (MIA), Uganda Chess Federation (UCF), Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA), Africa Professionals Australia and East and Central African Communities Canberra (ECACC).

Ronnie has played cricket in Uganda and also loves playing chess, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer and scrabble among others.

He has also travelled to various countries of the world including Ireland, London, Namibia, Zimbabwe, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, USA, Singapore, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, New Zealand, UAE, Sudan, Ethiopia and South Africa among others.


Pic by: AFL Victoria

Ahmed Saad

  is a professional Australian rules football player at the St Kilda Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). He was prelisted by Greater Western Sydney before being ontraded in the 2011 Trade Week to St Kilda along with Terry Milera and draft pick 50 in exchange for pick 20.

He is the  first Egyptian to be on the AFL playing List. In 2012 he was nominated as one of the AFL’s Multicultural Ambassadors.

Click here to view SBS news flash and video interview with Ahmed.


Bruce José Djite is Australian footballer who plays for Adelaide United as a striker in the A-League. Djite was born in Washington DC, United States and moved to Sydney, Australia with his parents when he was three years old. His father, an associate Professor at the University of Western Sydney, is from Côte d'Ivoire and his mother is from Togo.

Djite chose to play for Australia although he would also have been eligible for the U.S., Côte d'Ivoire and Togo.

He was a star striker for the Young Socceroos during their 2006 tour of South America and was also chosen in the Australian Under-20 squad to compete at the 2006 AFC Youth Championships, in India.

Three days before his 21st birthday, on the 22nd of March, 2008, Djite received his first international cap for the Australian national team, the Socceroos, against Singapore, courtesy of national coach Pim Verbeek.

His first cap in a competitive match was when he came on as a substitute for Harry Kewell in Australia's World Cup Qualifier against Iraq on June 1, 2008. He then again appeared in the Socceroos next match on June 15, 2008 against Qatar, coming on as a late substitute.

Bruce is now considered among the rising young stars of Australian Football. He is an International Ambassador for Sport and Development at Rise Global.


Tshibanda Gracia Ngoy, 20 years old, is a Congolese-born Australian who arrived under the Humanitarian Visas Program in July 2005 who strives to better the lives of people around her and in particular youth from refugee backgrounds.

She’s currently studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, and Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Wollongong, majoring in International Media and Communications, and Human Resources Management.

Gracia completed a freelance journalism course at the age of 16 and has since had several articles published on social justice and youth related issues, and her first book on success aiming to empower young people.

She’s an active member of her community and has received numerous awards and recognitions including the 2008 and 2009 Australian Defence Force Long Tan leadership and Teamwork Award, 2010 NSW CRC Young Volunteer of the Year, 2010 Wollongong Young Citizen of the Year, 2011 Australia’s Young People’s Human Rights Award, and was named Woman of the Week by Hoopla in December 2011.

Gracia has worked a caseworker for refugee families, a radio co-host for a community station in Wollongong, a youth motivational speaker, and a member of the Illawarra Regional Advisory Council (IRAC), NSW Multicultural Youth Network (MYN), Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families (SCARF), and a Co-Administrative Director for the Voice of Hope International Ministries based in Uganda advocating for those who have been silenced by poverty and injustices.


Sheron Sultan,  a South African / Mozambican as well as Australian, is among the  2011 Miss World Australia finalists and NSW state finalist for Miss Universe Australia.

Sheron is also HR student, part time model and a full time worker for a law firm.

Sheron moved to Australia at the age of 14 with her family settled and became Australian citizen.

Sheron says that:

"Coming to Australia opened up a lot of hidden opportunities for me such as; modeling, exploring different cultures, flexible education and working allowance at a young age (independence) the greatest challenge was trying to fit in as an individual and maintaining my true identity. I have been living in Australia for 9 years yet still im proud to say, I still have my traditional culture within me and also adopted the multicultural culture in Australia, I am compassionate, trustworthy, self motivated and persistent."

Sheron is an experienced model in runway, TV commercials and a motivational speaker.

Her  goals include: to work with professional people, to gain more skills, to become a positive icon in Australia and internationally encouraging young woman especially woman of colour to pursue their dreams.

"I would like to be Etiquette and Deportment mentor, motivational speaker/ public speaker" says Sheron.

Beauty Pageant history:

2011- Sheron was given an opportunity to be one of the Miss World Australia finalists which was held in Melbourne in August

When asked why she  entered?, Sheron says "Apart from winning the title and representing Australia in the internationals, I wanted to gain more knowledge about everything involved in the Pageant world, meeting new people and educating myself about other cultures and personalities. Being a role model for all woman especially woman of colour."

"Did I gain anything? I gained so much, I discovered different options for a career, I learned about Etiquette and Deportment which I adopted to be a part of me—advising others how carry themselves in an elegant, respectful manner. This opportunity opened up so many doors for me like encouraging young Indigenous woman to pursue their dreams, teaching them about etiquette and deportment."

In 2012, Sheron was a NSW state finalist for Miss Universe Australia.

 When asked why she entered the Miss Universe contest, Sheron says: "I entered for the same reason as Miss World Australia but this time I wanted to evaluate what I had learned from the last pageant lesson. My aim is to coach, encourage young woman who are passionate about Pageantry that it’s not really about winning, it’s about discovering yourself and allowing yourself to show people who are. Taking it as lesson/challenge learning from others and teaching them what you know."

Also in 2012,  Sheron was appointed to be a mentor for Indigenous teenagers in Le Perouse by imodel supported by NASCA. Duties include:    conducting a three day workshop for 10 young girls: covering etiquette and deportment including: self acceptance and how to work as team and taught them how to walk on the runway. On the last day, Sheron organized a fashion show inviting all their parents and presented them a certificate.

 Achievements in 2012:

  • Guest Judge- Miss Africa Perth 2012,
  •  Interview with the founder of Ribbon of Africa. Ribbon of Africa is an organization that   encourages and empower the African spirit of community in all forms on an ever-growing, diverse, worldwide scale.
  • Participated in Vibe Wire Fast Break , an innovative non-profit youth organization providing media, arts ect to motivational speakers. On a topic about RAGE, Sheron spoke about sticking to your true IDENTITY sharing her life experiences, challenges she faced in Australia and how she dealt with them.
  • Appointed to be a mentor for Indigenous teenagers in Le Perouse by imodel supported by NASCA.

Achievements in 2011:

  • Wrote a poem about Australia.
  • Miss World Australia finalist 2011- Melbourne Cq functions.
  • Published in Afriqan Times Magazine and featured on the  front cover of the Magazine including 2 spread sheet interview.
  • Participated in Fashion Garden party by NIVEA and ROAR Charity fashion show featuring Swarovski diamond bikini.  
  • Featured in: KEA commercial,  MX paper promoting ROAR Charity event, Variety Charity event- Sydney’s Eastern Creek Raceway - vintage car (1968 Fiat Sport featuring Australian movie Dealing with Destiny – promoting and selling raffle tickets.
  • Participated in Variety Charity function CQ Melbourne- Hosting and ushering guests.
  • Participated in Fashion Palette ( PETA) body painted as a Zebra.
  • Attended a runway class at the  Fashion Palette Circus ft Sydney fashion designer Anaessi
  • Participated in the  Sydney Hair Expo – New Zealand stylist Mana Dave – Blaze; Black and White Party  Charity Event Violence against Woman  featuring  fashion designer Nicola Finetti; Tiaki - Fun Fashion Philanthropy charity event featuring t Show Pony designer; 
  • Sheron as featured in a photographic work for the Australian Leather website for Ugg boots by Carlos Velasco; Photographic work for Myra Tavan & Co fashion designer – Raffles College Sydney NSW.

Achievements in 2010:

  • Served as a posing manikin, Amazon theme for the Fashion Palette  Ft Sydney fashion  designer Valerie Jaquat     

Other achievements include:

  • 2007- Worked with Momentum make-up and fragrance.
  • 2008- Amy Taylor Collections Runway.
  • 2007- Prints for Cloud Nine Hair & Beauty Salon.
  • 2005- Runway show for Ubuntu AIDS Fundraiser.
  • 2004- First TV appearance – Superman – American credit card – Fuji Xerox Japan- Outback steak house- and many more.

Sheron says that  "To become successful is not based on how much you have in the bank or how many fans like your face book page. To me its self improvement, growth, manifesting, affirmation, fearless and taking risks, using any information you have experienced it could be negative it could be positive they all useful, it’s how you interpret the message in your mind and put it into action."  


Sarjoh Bah was born in Sierra Leone and migrated to Australia in 2001. His commitment to social justice and human rights lead him to work with many refugees and vulnerable communities while in Egypt during his studies at the El Azhar University. Sarjoh is a founding member of the Bantal Pulaar Community Australia Inc., and an active member of the African Communities in Australia. Sarjoh is also a founding member of the African Workers Network. Sarjoh worked with many diverse communities and actively involved in refugee issues.

Prior to moving to the Department of Human Services, Sarjoh worked as a Refugee Youth Worker and was the only funded position in Sydney by the Dept. of Immigration, then known as DIMIA. Sarjoh advocated for more youth worker positions with the department and was successful in making the case for additional refugee youth positions to be based within MRC. In 2006 Sarjoh was seconded to work with the Department of Human Services as a Project Officer with the African Liaison Unit. This Unit was commissioned by the Minister for Human Services to consult the African Communities in Australia about access and equality and how Government Service delivery can meet the needs of new communities. Sarjoh was winner of the National Pinnacle Award on Government Business Excellence in 2013.  He was the initiator of the Refugee Youth Award which grow to see young refugees across western Sydney been nominate, and have now been named Western Sydney RefugeeYouth Award.

Sarjoh is currently the chairperson of Auburn Diversity Services. He chaired the Blacktown Emerging Communities Action Partnership. In 2008 -09 he advocated for the recruitment of Africans in key government services and was successful in getting the Centrelink Multilingual Call Centre to recruit several positions. In 2011 he completed Masters of Social Science with the University of Western Sydney. Sarjoh is currently completing his Masters of Social Work with Charles Sturt University. He works as a Multicultural Service Officer with the Department of Human Services. Prior to this, he worked at Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association as a Community Liaison/Engagement Officer.


Kwabena Appiah

Kwabena was born in New Zealand to Ghanaian parents before moving to Parramatta at six years old.

Having lived in Parramatta ever since, Kwabena played his junior football with Parramatta City and Granville Rage before joining Spirit FC. With his obvious talent recognised at an early age Kwabena joined Central Coast Mariners as a youth player and scored nine goals as the Gosford based team won the National Youth League 2011-12 title.

Following that triumph Kwabena joined Parramatta before being announced as one of the first three Wanderers signings on 25 June 2012. The forward made his Wanderers debut in the club’s first ever match against Central Coast Mariners. Kwabena began to make more consistent appearances in the 2013/14 season and after a number of strong performances in the AFC Champions League was awarded the Wanderers ACL Player of the Tournament.


Alusine Fofanah

Born in Sierra Leone, Alusine moved to Australia as a refugee when he was a child where he began playing football for Marconi Stallions.

At only 14 years of age the midfielder trailed with Manchester City’s U18 team, scoring six goals in two matches before returning home due to visa issues.

Picked up by the Western Sydney Wanderers for the Foxtel National Youth League 2013/14 season, Alusine scored his first NYL goal against Central Coast Mariners before making his Hyundai A-League debut in Round 15 against Adelaide United. 

Story on Alusine:

Alusine is from Sierra Leone; a small country perched high on the western coast of Africa. It carries a dark civil war plagued history and like so many African countries is abundantly rich in gold and diamond deposits. However Sierra Leone still suffers with close to 70% of its population in poverty.

Uncertain of the future, his parents made the tough decision to leave their birthplace in favour of a better life and opportunity for their young family. The decision meant the arduous and brave journey to become refugees and move to Australia coupled with sacrifices that ordinary Australians would struggle contemplating.

Alusine’s parents left their son in his grandparent’s care for close to three years before they could all be together again.

From the ripe old age of six, Alusine’s love of the round ball began after watching the 2006 World Cup semi-final between Portugal and France. It was a young player by the name of Cristiano Ronaldo that caught his eye and implanted a footballing dream that has never been erased.

Alusine has worked tirelessly on his game ever since and continues to do that little bit more each day to realise his dream of living out a professional football life in Europe.

For now he couldn’t be happier living and playing in “the best country in the world” and being part of such a professional club at the Western Sydney Wanderers.

Unlike many players his age, Alusine’s talent was on show at the age of 14 after a successful trial offer materialised with English giants Manchester City last year.

The chance to impress could not have gone any better after converting six goals in two matches with the Under 18 squad. The difficulties with passports and visas saw the chance to part ways with his family too large a burden in the short term.

“The experience playing in Europe was quite surreal and at times I found myself pinching myself whilst trying to keep my feet on the ground”

“I understand I still have a plenty of hard work ahead of me but I am blessed to be working with such fine coaches like Tony Popovic and Trevor Morgan at the Wanderers.”

The biggest challenge that faced Alusine upon arrival to his new country as an 11 year old was the language barrier.

“I had to work extremely hard on my English and it made it that much harder to make friends.”

When asked who has been the biggest influence on his football journey to this point, the answer was heartwarming at the very least.

“I was lucky enough to meet to two great men in George and Tass Markos.

“These two gentlemen have helped support my family and I and continue to do everything in their power to make my life on and off the pitch as easy as possible.

“Their generosity is astounding and their ongoing advice and guidance has kept me grounded, out of trouble and I have matured since knowing them.”

Be sure to take note of this young man’s name, Alusine Fofanah, as he has the potential and drive to be anything in this great game but for now it’s all about the next game the opponent and becoming a better player each and every week.


Goldish First is an up coming actress, show host, model and presenter. So AFRICANFIND AUSTRALIA is now my agent. I am also a mentor in the Mentoring Program for Talented African People. Her mission is to empower African young women in Australia and all over the world. To empower them with knowledge of which will enable them to achieve their goals and have a successful life.Goldish First also known as Kadijay Kromah is an African Australian young female actress in Sydney. She is motivated, committed and talented actress with strong stage instincts and extensive formal training. Goldish is a perfectionist who possesses a solid work ethic which compels her to keep executing her best acting part until both she and her colleagues are fully satisfied with her performance. She is committed to achieving the highest standard of performance and is always willing to listen and learn from others. In the past she has worked alongside Mollywood Australia figures in both studio and independent film company settings. She is energetic, prepared to 'go the extra mile' and is sure to make a real difference to any project she is involved in. CREDITS Films: 1. Identical Twin (2014) 2. Dangerous friend (2014) 3. Classic girl (2013) 4. Love, Lust and Temptation (2009) 5. Death is a diamond (2008) Videos: 1. Goldish First Talk Show host (2014) 2. Interviewer of Nominees of Celebration of African Australians Awards (2014) 3. African news and current affairs presenter for AFRICAN-Find AUSTRALIA (2014)



Denis was born on the island of Trinidad and has travelled and performed throughout the Caribbean, South America, London, Europe and Australia. He has performed at the S.C.G. and the M.C.G., the Olympic Stadium and at the Opera House for New Years Eve 2000.   While in London he was an integral part of the Mangrove Steel Band - Panorama Winners 1980 at the Notting Hill Carnival. Denis taught steel pans at the University of Western Sydney 1997-2001, setting up the Nepean Allstars Steel Band. Co-founding the NSW Schools Steel Band Association in 2000, he has since been teaching and setting up children’s steel bands in NSW Schools.

Rosary boys school, Fatima college Los Bravados, Kabuki Strings Group solo Bass man Fatima, Casuals, Maple  goalkeeper Travelled and performed world wide from 1969 to 1983  Migrated to Australia in 1983. Music Producer, Multi Instrumentalist, and dedicated Teacher,  Professional Entertainer,  Singer/Songwriter and Poet. Teaches Caribbean Steel Pans in Schools, Universities  workshops and privately. Performs as  a Solo Artist or with his Band Wind on Steel and the Pan Pirates and Los Panimales. Click here for more info


More  profiles to be uploaded



2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Community Services)

2015 Award – Professional Excellence (Social Worker)

Considered a veteran in community services, Abulla continues to inspire and motivate other African Australians to join this important sector. Abulla is a currently a settlement Team Leader at SydWest Multicultural Services.

Abulla arrived in Australia in 2004 from South Sudan under the humanitarian program after experiencing decades of persecution.

In 2008 he began working as a generalist caseworker for SydWest, where he has helped many refugees to settle successfully in Australia.

He is also very active in his local community, assisting police in street walks to engage young people and helping individuals and community groups to become empowered and connected to the wider community.

Abulla works hard and has been instrumental in spearheading different projects within the African community. He has received certificates of appreciation from Australian Catholic University (2012), The University of Sydney (2014) and Western Sydney University (2015).

He was also awarded the 2015 Pride of Australia Fair Go Medal for his invaluable contribution to the community and his tireless work with refugees.

He has also served on the African Day Council NSW.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Fashion)

2015 Award – Culture (Promo - African Fashion)

Wanyika Mshila is a Kenyan born, Sydney based creative in multiple disciplines of fashion, styling, costume designing, acting and creative director 

of photoshoots and runway.

It is this creative flair that led this buoyant  fun-loving  go getter to start her own fashion brand Wa-Nyika.

“Wa-Nyika is a vision I had to celebrate my African heritage and Australian experience. My inspiration is drawn from the bold unapologetic colors and majesty that is Africa, and translated into modern silhouettes that any trendy, stylish woman will feel confident enough to pull off.

A Wa-Nyika woman is Courageous, sexy, inspiring, charismatic confident, genuine, sophisticated.... the kind of woman I'm aspiring 

to be.....” Wanyika has been involved in various runways both in Melbourne and Sydney. Spring Fashion week Melbourne – 2014;

Asia Pacific Runway at Spring Fashion week Sydney – 2013; Face Fashion Runway -  2013; Raw ( Australia ) - 2014; Chic Petite Events - 2012-2015; Freeka Fashion show Melbourne – 2015,  Heart of Gold Charity Event – 2014.

She has also been the recipient of several awards:

African Chamber of Commerce Awards, 

Business Champions Award – 2011; Celebrate African Australian Awards; 100 most influential African Australians -  2012;

Celebrate African Australian Awards ; Cultural Award, For contribution in the community 

through Fashion -  2015 Africa Australia Music and Movie Awards -2016

She is currently featuring as both an actress and costume designer in a movie produced in Sydney due for release in 2018 - Survive or Die. 


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Media)

Another enterprising and inspirational African Australian from Kenya. Julia recently started hosting an online radio show “Down Under Radio,” for African Australians, hosting 

especially women in NSW to share their stories 

on air every Monday 7:30pm during the “Authentic Women” show.

Julia migrated to Australia from Kenya in 2008 settling in Sydney and she currently works with Mission Australia as a Relations Officer.

“The campaigns we run with Mission Australia have given me the opportunity to find a channel where we as African women in Sydney and Australia can Empower each other by celebrating our achievements and sharing our challenges.


2017 Award – Professional Excell'ce (Photography)

2016 Award – Entertainment (Music, DJ Big Wig)

Moses is a rising entrepreneur who has started a Photography business with a bang covering many ceremonies and functions involving African Australians. Famously known as Dj Bigwig, 

Moses has established himself as one of the most entertaining African Australian DJs in clubs around Sydney. He performs his antics at various social, commercial and charity events including weddings and birthday parties with a taste of African music.

He has previously entertained guests at the 

annual Kenya Heros Day 'Mashujaa Day,' the African Women Dinner Dance and at the 

celebrate African Australians annual awards dinner.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Community Services)

Clement, originally from South Sudan, came to Australia in 2003 and immediately joined the community services sector working for CORE Community Services (formerly Cabramatta Community Centre) since 2004 and served in various capacities including the African 

Settlement program, supporting newly arrived refugees and assisting migrant communities 

settle in Western Sydney. From 2013 until July 2017 he managed the Multicultural Communities (formerly Fairfield Migrant Resource Centre) service of CORE Community Services: this included a large settlement team and Domestic Violence projects.

Building on his wealth of experience, Clement is currently the Community Services and Engagement Manager at SydWest Multicultural Services. Prior to moving to Australia Clement’s passion to support individuals seeking a new 

life in other countries led him to teaching English in Cairo to refugees and asylum seekers from the Horn of Africa.

In his 13 years career in the Community Services and Welfare industry in Australia, Clement has played a leadership and influential role in the settlement space: in 2005 he was one of the founders of the African Workers Network 

NSW, a forum for professionals in the 

Community Services industry. The Network not only played an advocacy role, but also provided peer support and mentoring to new workers of African backgrounds in government and not-for-profit agencies.

Clement participated  in a number of forums and advisory bodies to improve access to mainstream services by multicultural communities:  Community Relations Commission(now Multicultural NSW) Multicultural Advisory Committee(Liverpool – Macarthur) , 

Fairfield City Council’s Multicultural Advisory Committee, convenor of Fairfield Migrant Interagency(FMI) and Fairfield Emerging Communities Action Partnership(FECAP).

Clement has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting communities in establishing structures to support their settlement in Australia. He played an influential role in Cabramatta Community Centre auspicing funding for 3 years on behalf of the Equatoria Community and 

Welfare Association NSW (ECWA).

Clement has 10 years’ experience in governance, ranging from small and medium sized, incorporated organisations to peak bodies. This includes serving on the boards and  Vice 

President of Parents Café –Fairfield Inc, Settlement Council of Australia(SCOA) in 2012-13 and Settlement Services International (2016 to 2017). Clement also has experience in strategy 

and building strong partnerships: He was 

convenor for NSW MRC Alliance from 2014-2016.

Clement was key in the modelling of the NSW Settlement Partnership, a consortium of 23 settlement providers with Settlement Services International as the lead agency funded under the Settlement Services Program (SSP).Clement introduced the Khmer Community in NSW and Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development (GLAPD) to the partnership which ensured funding for these small organisations for 3 years.

He was key in the development of the Fairfield City Settlement Action Plan that was launched 

by Prof. Peter Shergold (Coordinator General of Refugee Resettlement), a document that was developed in partnership with Fairfield City Council and Fairfield-based agencies to improve coordination of local services targeting newly arrived humanitarian entrants, migrants and 

asylum seekers. Clement has qualifications in welfare and community sector management.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Media)

One of the few African Australians that has promoted one of Africa languages into main stream media in Australia. Gode currently works for SBS Radio managing the Swahili programme on air. He has interviewed so many African Australians and visiting Africans on various platforms.

He joined SBS for work experience with the then SBS youth focused radio program Alchemy in mid- 2004. Gode graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Social Science-Community Services from the University of Western Sydney. He is currently studying a BA in Communication through Queensland’s Griffith University. He has extensive experience in community radio having produced and hosted programs at the Marrickville based Radio Skid Row and Liverpool’s 2GLF.

In mid-February 2013 Gode became the first ever SBS Swahili program’s Executive Producer, following SBS Radio’s review of its broadcast Schedule. You can tune in to listen to the Swahili broadcast every Tuesdays 6-7pm and Sundays 

10-11pm, and whilst you’re at it don’t forget to check out the program social media sites and it’s Twitter and  Facebook page where there’s 

plenty of information, programs, podcasts, 

photos and videos waiting for you. Comments: 

We are really excited to forward you the nomination of Gode Migerano for the prestigious African Awards to be held this year. Gode is an exceptional leader in the Swahili speaking community who has been at the helm of the 

newly established Swahili program at SBS since 

its inception in 2013. He is a passionate and very active broadcaster with a sharp editorial sense when bringing relevant and breaking news 

stories for our audiences.

For the first time after the launch of the program the community has been able to listen, participate and appreciate our diverse worlds and contribute with their perspectives to a more cohesive society.  African Professionals in Australia, Scientists, Politicians, Entertainers, Welfare experts and ordinary listeners have been participating in interviews and panel discussion on subjects of great importance for the community with their engagements continuing development and expansion.

As an Executive Producer Mr Migerano has been able to successfully cover major local News 

events for the first time for the diverse Swahili speaking community such as Federal Elections 

or the exclusive FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014. 

His excellent knowledge, experience and involvement with Football saw him working for the SBS A League coverage and subsequently participating in the Digital Radio English World Cup team as a commentator and producer. Gode was also very effective, timely and 

comprehensive in bringing latest international news with the example of Al Shebab's attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi many months ago. 

He worked around the clock to find the latest information and interviewed some members of 

the Kenyan community in Australia. In this story he worked in close collaboration with our Newsrooms and managed to air reactions of some residents in Nairobi as well as having live interviews with journalists on the grounds as the events unfolded. He assisted in numerous SBS 

TV productions and has shown the utmost dedication and commitment to his role and the audiences we continue to expand on air, on-line and on Social Media.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence 

(Film Director & Producer)

2016 Award – Professional Excellence 

(Film Director & Producer)

From his humble background in Burundi, John-Kay is a living testimony that Australia is a land 

of opportunities. He has produced and directed many eye-catching movies with the hottest one Cops Enemy that premiered 2017. John has 

finally realized his dream of becoming a film producer and director. From a humble 

background, he has now established himself as a professional label in Sydney. 2009 was his breakthrough when he wrote and directed a film “Last Tears” and in 2011 he directed another film “Nothing is Impossible” which was welcomed 

by even a bigger audience in Perth and beyond.



2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Media Production)

J A Y is a dynamic and virtuoso Gospel singer 

and songwriter. He is also a creative audio-visual designer, sound engineer, and the CEO of ‘Last Stop Media Production (LST).

His zest and ingenuity in Media production engendered his attainment of the ‘Best Creative Media Award in 2014’ by the ‘Celebrate African Australian at the Australian Parliament House. 

He is an author and is soon launching an 

evocative and exhilarating book, entitled, “Could this be Love?” Aside from his enterprising media production, he is a Pastor at the Christian Life Centre in Sydney (Harvest Worldwide). 

He holds a Master of Science (MSc) and a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Psychology from 

the Charles Stuart University, Australia.


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (The Box)

2016 Award – Community Engagement (Entertainment - The Box)

Kevin has taken the entertainment world by 

storm in Australia. A rising star and entrepreneur whose business mind has already taken him to 

the heights. Kevin is an entertainment guru who arrived in Sydney as a youngster in 1991 from Nigeria. He recently started an entertainment platform The BOX that has received a massive reception in Sydney since 2015. 'The Box' - is a business idea centred around music, party 

culture, fashion and dance. The monthly weekend event took place at The Star city Casino and featured an array of well-known DJs and international   artists. The Box  won 'Club of the Year' at the AAMMA Awards in 2016. The Box has also done collaboration with other touring international artist like Mr Ibu , Eric Omondi , Bracket among others. According to Kevin, 

the sky is the limit and he looks to doing much more in the years ahead. https://www.facebook.com/kevin.osifo?fref=ts


2017 Award – Professional Excellence (Author & Leadership)

2016 Award–Professional Excellence (Academics & Leadership)

Noel is currently the Chairman of the Rwandan Community of NSW. Noel is co-author of One Thousand Hills, the book that won the 2016 

NSW Premier’s Young History award and his 

book was also shortlisted for 2016 Queensland literature award. In November 2014,Noel was awarded the Outstanding Community Services & Leadership Award by Western Sydney University. He holds  Diploma of Community Services from Granville TAFE, Bachelor Degrees of Social Welfare and International Social Development from Western Sydney University and Masters of Policy and Applied Social Research from Macquarie University. Noel is currently working 

as Community Development Officer assisting migrants and refugees in their resettlement in Lower North Shore Area (Willoughby Council, Lane Cove Council, North Sydney Council and Mosman Council)


2017 Award – Young African Achiever

Beatrice moved to Australia in 2013 and straight away got involved in serving her community as secretary of the Kenyans in Sydney Welfare Association. She is currently studying nursing 

and working in various aged care facilities.


2017 Award – Community Service Excellence

Glow Healthcare Agency (GHA) is an Australian owned Nursing agency owned by health professionals for health professionals. GHA is a trusted provider of healthcare services located in Sydney NSW. GHA is managed by a team of experienced staff with extensive experience in nursing and management. The founders are African Australian and are interested in helping qualified staff  with Healthcare backgrounds get easy access to jobs in hospitals, nursing homes 

and community. We provide Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Assistant Nurses to various Public and Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Community, Medical Centre's, and Healthcare Organisations on Casual, Short term Contract 

and Permanent basis.

The agency can be reached on E: info@glow.healthcare  

Web: http://glow.healthcare

Dr Moses Wavamunno

2015 Award: Professional Excellence – 

Medical Doctor

Moses graduated in Medicine and Surgery from Makerere University Kampala Uganda in 1995
and worked as a medical officer before moving to Australia in 1997. He undertook training as a specialist physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Camperdown),   Royal North Shore Hospital and Westmead Hospitals. Moses has extensively worked in regional Australia
including Alice Springs Hospital in the Northern Territory, Broken Hill and Bathurst Base

He obtained Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in 2004
and in 2010 he was awarded a PhD by the University of Sydney for a doctoral thesis
entitled “The role of Donor Specific Antibodies
in Chronic Allograft Nephropathy” which studied the effects of donor antibodies in kidney transplants. In 2007 he received the New Key Opinion Leader award for his work in the
histology of Transplant Glomerulopathy. 

Moses has vast experience in the management of diseases of the kidney, dialysis and
transplantation and is currently a Staff specialist
at Western Renal Services – (incorporating Western Sydney LHD and Nepean /Blue Mountains LHD). He practices privately with Specialist Services Medical group at Grafton
Street Blacktown and the Norwest Medical
Centre. He is a conjoint Associate lecturer at the Western Sydney University and also a Visiting Consultant Medical officer at Norwest Private Hospital and the Norwest Dialysis Unit. Moses attributes his achievements in part to the
Australian value of giving everyone a “fair go
“and in this regard he is particularly grateful to Professor Jeremy Chapman and the Renal team
at Westmead and Blacktown Hospital.

Bertrand Tungandame

2015 Award:

Professional Excellence  – Media

Bertrand is a veteran broadcaster and content producer for SBS radio
since 1998 and has been a common face to many members of the African communities though his interviews. He is a
contributor to 3 different programs: African, French and Living Black
Radio (for Indigenous and Torres Straight Island communities).

Bertrand graduated in Journalism and Communications at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Belgium and also completed post graduate qualifications in human resources management. Before migrating to Australia in 1997 Bertrand was instrumental in the 

promotion of the press in the Great Lakes 

Region of Africa (Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo).

Bertrand is a very strong advocate for Africa and he is always striving to break the mould of the single narrative about Africa.

Khadijah Mukandori

2015 Award:

Community Engagement – Networking

Khadijah is a celebrated African Australian who hails from the East African state of 

Rwanda where she spent most of her childhood. She moved to Australia at a tender age and immediately started engaging 

with the African community in different parts of Sydney.

She has worked alongside members of the 

African community in organising small and massive events over the years. She has also been instrumental in organising different seminars and workshops which have fostered networking 

among members of the African community in NSW.

“Helping others was something I inherit from my mother who worked tirelessly to help many African refugees settle in Australia. I am always endeavouring to be like her and be there for 

others at the times they need someone.” Khadijah
Kadijah has been a youth ambassador for the African Womens group since 2012.
She is a mentor for the Rwandan youth group 

and a founding member of the African Council 

of Arts and Culture (ACAC).

Dr. Nadine Shema 

2015 Award:

Professional Excellence – Medical Doctor

Nadine is a Medical Doctor, a Public Health Specialist and a community leader.

She holds a Bachelor degree in General Medicine and a double master’s degree of Public 

Health and Health Management.

Nadine has great experience in research, clinical and public health for over eight years and an outstanding experience in community Development for 

over 4 years. She has a strong passion for community, therefore, she is  always ready to contribute for a positive change and always 

keen to help people especially the disadvantaged ones.

Nadine is a founder and board member of the Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development International (GLAPD Int.), a community organisation with a target group of 4 

communities from 4 Countries of the Great 

Lakes region of Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, 

Uganda and D R Congo). http://glapd.com/

She is also the President of INKUMBURWA Dance Group.

Currently, Nadine is working as a project 

Officer at the University of New South Wales, School of Public Health and Community 

Medicine and she is carrying out a research 

project entitled : ”African women migrants' and refugees' access to reproductive health services 

in South West Sydney:

Experito Nkoola

2015 Award:

Young African Australian Talent - Art

Born and bred in Uganda, Experito is a talented Sydney-based youngster whose work in visual designs has won him top accolades as a student at Kogarah High school. 

He has the ability to paint and draw various famous Australian and African landscapes and he is excellent with immigration contemplation that distinguishes him from the rest.

His works also captures the African village life, sunsets and animals of the savannahs.

To prove his outstanding talent, 2 of his HSC art pieces have been bought by Kogarah High School.

At his school, he is remembered for creating a piece that is known as “Memory Box 2014.” This piece, created in 3D illustrates the events of 2014 in Australia including the infamous Lindt café siege, MH370 disappearance, Bush fires and the Federal elections.

Experito’s outstanding performance was rewarded with the inaugural ‘Young African Australian Talent Award’ in NSW in 2015.

Experito’s Artwork can be found on His Facebook page – ‘Artistic By Spiro’

Jasmina Bajraktarevic-Hayward

2015 Award:

Recognition (Community Engagement)

Jasmina came to Australia in 1993 as a refugee from Bosnia-Herzegovina. She is a Social Worker (Hon 1, University Medal) and the Community Services Coordinator at STARTTS (Service for the Treatment And Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors) since 2000.

Jasmina has worked with various individuals, communities and groups of the African community in NSW especially refugees that have recently made Australia their home.

Her knowledge and expertise range from individual trauma counselling, through group work and community development to management and staff supervision. 

Jasmina’s involvement in the refugee field dates back to 1991, when she became involved in work with Bosnian refugees in Croatia through “Suncokret-Centre for Grassroots Relief Work”, an implementing partner of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Mwangi wa Mutuanene
2015 Award:

Professional Excellence - Author

Kenyan-born Mutuanene is a published author of a book entitled 'The Weather-Proof Salesman' available at amazon.com or the bookpal publishers. In the book he cite the issues newly arrived migrants face settling in any country and how to cope with them.

Mutuanene has presented on radio programs in NSW discussing the issues raised in the book.
He is also a motivational speaker in migrant forums in NSW - courtesy of the department of citizen and cultural services.

Mutuanene has become a respectable figure in various cultural forums that bring Africans together in NSW and Australia at large.

Suzan Mutesi

2015 Award:

Humanitarian (Africa Projects)

Susan is an African Australian Sydney-based Actress, Model, Fashion designer and stylist.

Born and bred in Uganda, Suzan attended Raffles KvB Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion.

In 2009 she started her own fashion label, Suzan Mutesi which symbolizes structure and class and most importantly give women of all body types the ability to feel confident, comfortable and beautiful.

She has dressed and styled top model Charlotte Dawson for a commercial, Dress Models for the launch of Australian Top Model cycle 8, Lisa Viola for the Independent Artist Music Awards (2014) and Diana Rouvas for Arias (2012).

Her dream is to one day dress Oprah winfrey, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Kerry Washington, LupitaNyong’o, Tika Sumpter, porcha Stewart and others. She has won the Fashion icon Award (AAMMA 2014) the Abryanz award (2014) for the Best Ugandan Fashion Contributor in the diaspora. In 2012 she won Fashion Designer by Celebrate Africa Australians.

She is also founder and CEO of Heart of Gold Africa Foundation which is involved in helping the less fortunate kids of Uganda.


Rouz Rubasha

2015 Award:

Professional Excellence  – Social Worker

A mother and wife, Rouz hails from Nairobi Kenya and has called Australia home for the last 17 years.

She has made her home open to new arrivals from Africa and has helped many settle in different parts of Sydney.

Rouz has also been instrumental in promoting African culture and designs through her African shop Dress Afrique that she established in 2010.

Before moving to Australia, she completed studies in Hospitality and Tourism. She has also worked for Kenya Airways as a Flight Attendant.

Ying Gloria Chung

2015 Award:

Culture (African Fashion)

She has worked with the Minority Rights Group International (MRG) in the United Kingdom (UK) and Africa where she advocated against unfair policies that affect minority communities. 

Ying is Founder of Mitta Studio that is an outlet of fashion and accessories with Ankara fabrics from Cameroon. She has been working with APAN in Douala since 2011.

Her passion has always been about community and promoting culture diversity. The history of Ankara fabrics was the answer to her passion, concept and philosophy. Using Ankara fabrics from West Africa as her medium to express creativity, her aim is to build a bridge that connects different cultures and bringing people together.  

Afro Child

2015 Award:

Community Engagement - Entertainment

Originally from Accra, Ghana, Afro Child grew up with strong roots to his homeland, a rhythm in his heart and a big love for Africa.

He moved to Australia in 2003 when he was 16 years old with his family to live in Sydney where he studied, worked and now dedicates his time wholly on his professional music career. Afro Child draws much of his motivation from living in these two different countries and has created his own original fusion of Afrobeat music, founded by Fela kuti in the late 1960’s. Afro Child incorporates elements of traditional Afrobeat and contemporary western hip-hop/ pop/ funk fusion. His style of music is artistic and greatly inspired by musicians such as his idol D'banj as well as; Akon, Psquare, Donae'O, Angelique kidjoe, Late Fela kuti,2face,Fally Ipupa,Late Miriama Makeba, Wizkid,Fuse, Sarkodie, Reggie Rockstone, and Kanye West

Afro Child released his first Single “Wicked” on iTunes February 2011 which was produced by Lokash and mastered at Sony studios in Sydney. He had a successful single launch to follow, featuring over 20 local Sydney acts on the remix such as BWise, Miracle, Shocker, Mr Scrim and many more

He was also awarded best outstanding performer at the "Celebrate African Australians Award night in 2013.

Juliana Nkrumah AM

Juliana is a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) and the coordinator of the NSW Police Force Multicultural Community Liaison Officer Program. Prior to this, she was the assistant manager of the Refugee and Network Support Team at Centrelink.
Juliana has been an active advocate in the women’s movement since 1989, especially through the Commission on the Status of Women. She was also one of the Eminent Australians to review the Australian Citizenship Test; served as a board member of the Institute for Cultural Diversity; was four times the Chair of the Australian National Committee on Refugee Women; and is a sitting member of the Nepean/Blacktown Regional Advisory Council of the Community Relations Commission of NSW.

Juliana’s many other memberships have included the NSW Police Commissioner’s Committee on Responsive Policing; the FECCA Women’s Steering Committee; and the National Steering Committee of the Living in Harmony Partnership Project. She was the first women’s representative of the African Communities Council of NSW and the initiator of the African Workers Network in Sydney. As the first ever community education officer on female genital mutilation (FGM) in Australia, she played a key role in FGM education programs from 1996-2005.

Juliana is the founder advisor of African Women Australia Inc. and a co-founder of the African Women's Advocacy Unit, a former program of the  Australian National Committee on Refugee Women (ANCORW),  which formed the basis of  African Women of Australia (AWAU).  

Nick Kaldas APM

Deputy Commissioner

New South Wales Police Force


Nick, an Egyptian-Australian, joined the NSW Police Force in 1981 and has worked primarily in major crime investigations, Homicide, Armed Robbery, Major Drug investigations, Counter Terrorism and covert operations. In 1999-2000 he established and led the Crime Management Framework for the Olympic Investigations Strike Force.  From 2000-2004 he was the Commander, Homicide Squad, State Crime Command. He led the high profile investigation into the murder of a Member of Parliament, John NEWMAN, resulting in the conviction and life sentence of Phuong Canh NGO for what the Court described as Australia's first political assassination.


In January 2004 he was seconded to the Federal Government and deployed to Iraq as Deputy Chief Police Adviser to the Iraqi Government to help rebuild the Iraqi National Police. From 2004-2006 he was the Commander, Gangs Squad, State Crime Command and from 2006-2007 he was the Assistant Commissioner, Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command.  In late 2007, he was appointed Deputy Commissioner, Specialist Operations. In 2009-2010, he took up a 12-month secondment as Chief of Investigations in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon which was established by the United Nations Security Council to investigate the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafiq HARIRI, and a number of related assassinations and attempted assassinations.


In August 2011, he was appointed Deputy Commissioner, Field Operations comprising all police stations, Major and Organised Crime, Major Event and Incidents Command – in all 16, 000 staff.  For the past 7 years, he has been the NSW Police Force’s Corporate Spokesperson for Culturally, Linguistically, and Religiously Diverse Society.  Nick was a Police (Hostage) Negotiator for over 10 years, achieving national Counter Terrorist level, and completed the F.B.I. Hostage Negotiators Course. He is a graduate of both the Leadership in Counter Terrorism Program (FBI-AIPM) and the Police Executive Leadership Program (AIPM). He is also a graduate and has been a Visiting Fellow of, the Management of Serious Crime Program (AFP).  He has also completed the XXXIV Session of the FBI National Executive Institute.  He holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Administration. 


He has been awarded 5 Commissioners' Commendations, the Australian Police Medal, the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal, the National Medal and clasp, the NSW Police Medal and for his efforts in supporting the vision of a harmonious society was recently awarded the 2013 Champion of Harmony by the Affinity Intercultural Foundation.


Gail Kelly (née: Currer) (born 25 April 1956) is an Australian business woman of South African origin. She is the current chief executive officer (CEO) of Westpac, one of Australia's big four banks. In 2002, she became the first female CEO of a major Australian bank or top 15 company and, as of 2005, was the highest paid woman in an Australian corporation. She assumed the position of CEO at Westpac in 2008.

In 2011, Forbes ranked her the 32nd most powerful woman in the world, she was ranked 8th in 2010 she was ranked 18th in 2009; and ranked 11th in 2008.

According to Forbes, Banker Gail Kelly oversees $675 billion in assets and $37.8 billion in revenue, and is considered the country's most influential businesswoman. The Westpac Group serves around 12 million customers, employs around 40,000 people and has over 1,500 branches. And it's rapidly expanding: in the past year, it merged with Australia's fifth largest lender and a subsidiary, upping the number of branches and ATMs. The native South African and mother of four (including triplets) has an outsized public profile. Kelly's every statement and opinion is reported minutely, occasionally provoking controversy. Most recently, she told her fellow Aussies to buck up: "There's a lot of caution and uncertainty," she said. "Given the underlying fundamentals in Australia, there should be."




Associate Professor Inakwu Odeh is a Sesquicentennial Senior Lecturer in Rural Spatial Information Systems at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, The University of Sydney.

Odeh is the current Sub-program leader of the Australian Cotton Catchment Communities Cooperative Research Centre and the Vice President of Australian Soil Science Society (Inc.) New South Wales Branch.

Odeh was one of the first to introduce the techniques of regression-kriging and the concept of fuzzy set theory to soil science and apply the fuzzy sets theory to mapping the soil continuum as a continuous land surface body.

The total number of his career publications is 103, including 29 in refereed journals, 13  in refereed conference proceedings, 10 book chapters and 16 articles in popular media. In addition he has brought in external grants of over $2.1m since his appointment at the University of Sydney. 

Previously Odeh was a Senior Research Fellow and Research Fellow with the Australian Cotton Cooperative Research Centre and currently an active member of the following bodies:  International Society of Environmental Information Sciences, British Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing Society, British Soil Science Society, Australian Soil Science Society, and International Union of Soil Science.


Leticia Omankoy is a young African Entre- preneur who has estab-lished her  own Product Empire. Originally from Congo (Kinshasa), she has been living in Australia for 21 years and and performed in the Sydney 2000 Olympic games opening ceremony.

Leticia has designed a new baby product called Babyam which is the World's first ever 3 in 1 automatic bottle preparation system. She has secured a multi-million dollar contract with Toys R Us Nation wide in Australia and Internationally - her product will be sold in all the Australian Toys R Us  and international stores. She has developed specialty, unique and high-quality products that are unique and make the role of parenting easier.  Her product range will be prams, high-tech baby products, nappies, soaps and hygiene products etc. 

 Leticia is currently undertaking a degree in Law & Criminology and works as a case manager at the Department of Corrective services NSW.

Leticia is an Advocate for Women's rights while in custody and post custody (especially for women with children). She works alongside various government and non-government officials to make this possible.

She hopes to support the Aboriginal communities and establish orphanages and schools around Africa and help the poor.

She is a busy mother of 3 beautiful kids which 2 are twins.


Tim Omaji, better known by his stage name Timomatic, is an Australian pop/R&B singer, songwriter and dancer. Timomatic rose to fame as a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance (Australia) in 2009 and placed seventh in the competition. In 2011, he appeared as a contestant on the fifth season of Australia's Got Talent and was placed third. Later that year, Timomatic signed to Sony Music Australia, and released his debut single "Set It Off" in November 2011. The single reached number two on the ARIA Singles Chart and was certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

2011–present: Record deal and commercial success

In October 2011, Timomatic served as a supporting act for American rapper Flo Rida's Australian tour. On 17 November, it was announced that Timomatic had signed a recording contract with Sony Music Australia. On 24 November, he was a support act for American hip hop group Salt-n-Pepa's Australian concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. Timomatic's debut single "Set It Off" was released on 25 November. Timomatic co-wrote "Set It Off" with production team DNA Songs, who also produced the song. The single peaked at number two on the ARIA Singles Chart and was certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), for selling 70,000 digital copies."Set It Off" has also appeared on the New Zealand Singles Chart at number 14.

On 12 January 2012, it was announced that Timomatic has signed a global publishing deal with EMI.



Jude Iheakanwa is the CEO of Vision Wise David Wines and Vision Wise David Realty.

He is a migrant from Nigeria who has spent 30 years in Australia. Jude started with humble beginnings as a social worker in New South Wales central - west rural areas by developing programs for the youth of the indigenous communities in the towns of Coonamble & Dubbo. With the establishment of these programs, an immediate impact was made on the indigenous youth of these areas, with lower un-employment levels, effective after school programs and a reduction in teen felonies. Jude's approach with the youth of these rural areas was so effective due to the fact his relationship was not just a professional one but a personal one. Jude often opened his family home to youths living on the streets and looking for their own accommodation.


Between the years of 1998 - 2005 Jude eventually moved back to Sydney where he saw the Establishment of the Nigerian Australian chamber of business and commerce. He also reopened his own social welfare practice, organizing the training of Sudanese migrants in the areas of security courses and forklift licensing to ensure their easy entry into the Australian work force. Along with these efforts, Jude has also utilized his knowledge in the areas of community welfare and training. This saw him holding a number of lecturing positions in higher institutions for a number of years, where he taught Community  Development practices and Frontline Management at Graduate Schools in both Sydney and Melbourne. His work did not stop there, as Jude began to invest and enter the real estate industry, he used his knowledge and networks to help east and west African Australians purchase their first homes who had never been able to work through all the red tape involved in buying a home. With all this in sight of the African community, Jude was asked to sponsor many events and afro organizations. One of which being the African soccer youth tournament in Sydney of where he and others invested to kick off the competition which still runs till this day.


In 2006 Jude was awarded with a Pride of Australia Finalist award presented by the daily telegraph for his recognized leadership skills and charitable work in the community.


Tenneh Kpaka was born in Sierra Leone and served the Sierra Leone Police Force for seven years. She was resettled to Australia in 2001 trained as an advocacy represented refugee communities of NSW in United Nations in Geneva 2006- 2007 and accredited by Australian Council of International Development. She advocates for refugees and asylum seekers across Australia and has done several media interviews with SBS TV on refugee’s issues and matters concerning peoples of African Descent in Australia.

Tenneh has worked as Community Development Project Officer- Immigrant Women’s Speakout; Domestic Violence Project Officer,  for African’s and South Asia communities -  SydWest Multicultural Service Inc; Advocate in transforming FGM in Eastern Sierra Leone Kenema; Board member of Australia National committee on Refugee Women;  Member of Refugee Council; Member of SLPP of Australia; Founder Transform De People organisation in Australia and Sierra Leone – working with NSW area health and FGM educational branch in partnership to provide training for women in Sierra Leone.

Further, Tenneh is a Member of Africa Sisters on the Move and Board member of Australia National Committee on Refugee Women (ANCORW). Through Tenneh's advocacy contributions, ANCORW will provide Human Right training for women in Sierra Leone in partnership with New South Wales Area Health  Education Program FGM .

Tenneh is completing a bachelor degree in International Social Development at the University of Western Sydney in 2012. 


Hassan M'Souli arrived in Australia in 1985 from Casablanca. His passion for cooking evolved in his mother's kitchen at a young age and he pursued that passion along with those of acting and teaching. Hassan's decision to leave family and friends behind him brought him to the shores of Sydney – he wanted to be as far away from familiarity as possible – to start an exciting journey in life, in a new and challenging environment. He found his dreams in Sydney and an opportunity to introduce a unique taste that Sydney had never seen before. Hassan has appeared in shows on SBS, ABC Radio, Channel 7, 9 and Ten and the Lifestyle Channel, with articles appearing in Australia's leading Newspapers and Magazines and also globally. Hassan is also author of two Moroccan Cookbooks 'Moroccan Modern' and 'Make it Moroccan'. After much great success with both Hassan took the award for 'Best in The World- African - Cuisine Category' at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris in March 2010 for 'Make it Moroccan'. In April 2010 Hassan was honoured with a letter from the King of Morocco congratulating him as an excellent ambassador for the country and truly showing Morocco proud


Theophile Elongo is the current  President of the Congolese Council of Australia the peak national body of all Congolese organisations in Australia. He is also the General Director of the Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development International (GLAPD -Int). He has  made remarkable contributions to the Australian society by uniting Congolese-Australian to act and be represented nationally in one voice.

Theophile is undertaking a  Master degree in Community Welfare at the University of Western Sydney and has made  the following contributions :

  • Organising two major National conferences;
  • volunteering with the Australian Red Cross, Department of Community Services and STARRTS;
  • conducting several researches and advocacy for the needs of the Congolese and central African migrants in Australian;
  • publishing a book called "Profile of Congolese Community of Australia."


Aisha Kamara is an actress and filmmaker. She was born in Sierra Leone and has lived in Australia for almost 10 years. She has stared in  showreel,  IEastWest 101 (SBS) and Crownies (ABC)  and at the moment hosting a show on Aurora called Chatterbox. Currently, Aisha is in  the process of creating another show  for Africans living in Australia.


Roger de Robillard

Australian Representative (Honorary)

Board of Investment - Mauritius

January 2014 – Present (8 months) Africa House, Sydney

Promoting Business and Financial Services into the African continent through the African Centre for Excellence and the Mauritius Board of Investment.


New South Wales Bar

1991 – Present (23 years) Sydney

Specialising in:
• Commercial 
• Administrative
• Human rights
• Refugee
• Family


Australia-Africa Business Council (AABC) 

2011 – Present (3 years) New South Wales

The Australia Africa Business Council was established to encourage business cooperation between Africa and Australia through the promotion of business networks, social contacts and increased trade and investment. It unites the business communities on both continents, fostering partnerships and linking networks.

Legal Adviser

First Abbott Corporation

1987  1991 (4 years) France, USA, Mauritius

Legal Adviser to an Australian-based merchant bank in France, USA and Mauritius

Legal Advisor and Counsel, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, Vanuatu

1995  1998

Appearing in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal of the Republic of Vanuatu for:
• The President and the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu
• Government clients
• Commercial clients
Won leading case which established the application of French law, as well as the use of the French language, within the Vanuatu judicial system (Moulton v Selb Ltd)

Legal Adviser to Air Mauritius

1986  1987

Acted as Legal Adviser to Air Mauritius on establishment of its Regional Office

Honorary Trade Commissioner for Mauritius in Australia

1986  1987

Africa House

2014 – Present

 Australia-Africa Business Council


2011 – Present

Inner-City Legal Centre

Life Member

1994 – Present

Australian Institute of International Affairs


2007 – Present

Alliance Francaise


1991 – Present

International Commission of Jurists


Member of the Australian Section

Agence de la Francophonie Conference, Monaco


1999 – Present

Member of Republic of Vanuatu Delegation


Kolin Thumbardoo

Kolin was one of the founding members of the ANC Support Group which ushered in the first ever ANC Chief Representative one Mr. Eddie Funde.

As part of a strategy to raise community awareness of the oppressive Apartheid system and to involve the Australian community actively in opposing the system the Australian Anti-Apartheid Movement was formed. Kolin has been a former President of the Movement. A number of campaign victories are attributed to the Movement the cancellation of the rebel Kim Hughes cricket tour, the offer of the Freedom of the City to Nelson Mandela and changing Government policy on Apartheid in favour of the liberation of the peoples of South Africa and Namibia.


Amir Salem

Elected 2013.Member of the Egyptian Ministerial Consultative Committee; Spokesman for the Australian Egyptian Council Forum Inc. Former Multicultural Coordinator for the Sydney Institute of TAFE.



Since starting at the age of 14 Ashley Heuvel aka DJ Trey, a South African -Australian,  has always dug the roots of R&B and Hip-Hop, using his Uncle's vinyl records! Respecting where music has come from and how it got to where it is now.

Diversely playing in styles of R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul and Funk (while dabbling in Disco, Jazz, Reggae and House). With a style that gives the crowd some of what they love, some of what they used to love and some of what they should love. Entertaining and enlightening. Engaging in the better of the unknown, he likes to focus more on what he believes, people should be listening too- as opposed to what they 'think' they want to listen too.

Dj Trey is rapidly becoming a notable name on all soul/old school circuits and has gathered a large following of dedicated fans! He has DJ'd all around Sydney at various locations and played for various artists such as Jagged Edge, Boyz II Men, The Veronicas, Lil Jon, Vinnie from Naughty by Nature, Bobby Brown and Teddy Riley (From BLACKstreet & Guy) on his promo tour here.

DJ Trey has the passion, talent and love for the music that will see him in this scene for many years to come! A rare talent (one to be watched and admired) - definitely a rising star!


WorldRemit's founder Ismail Ahmed first saw the opportunity to improve money transfers while at university.  Studying in London, he needed to send money to family members in Africa. Every transaction meant an epic journey across the city to an agent who charged a small fortune in fees to send modest amounts of money. It seemed wrong to Ismail that an industry handling billions of dollars every year should deliver such poor service to its customers. Even then, he knew that change was needed. Over the coming years Ismail worked with a number of remittance businesses as well as international policy makers. As an advisor to the United Nations, he helped companies comply with tough new money transfer regulations, introduced after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In 2011, Ismail decided that the time and technology were right to shake-up this stagnant industry and he founded WorldRemit.


Hassan Jama is the executive producer of SBS Somali language. He joined SBS last year as a casual producer. He migrated to Australia in 1997 and started working for Australia Post, first as mail officer then moved to different tasks including trainer and later as supervisor.

Hassan finished High School in Somalia, completed different courses at TAFE colleges in NSW and later worked in related areas.  Few years ago with a group of colleagues he managed to found a major Somali community organisation in NSW where he took the roles of treasurer and administration officer.

He always enjoyed working with people from diverse background both at Australia Post and now at SBS.  He rightly says that whilst at ‘Australia Post he was helping deliver mail and at SBS now I am delivering news and current affairs’.  He has also ran news websites and worked with Community radio before taking his current role at SBS as he always followed the news wether national or international showing passion and desire to be part of news organisations. At present he utilises his position as Executive Producer to inform and entertain the Somali speaking community with the aim to informing and educating people.

Hassan is an outstanding Executive producer responsible for broadcasting the Somali program on SBS Radio and keeping this community thoroughly informed about issues happening in Australia and the world. 

In the last twelve months he has successfully covered a number of local and homeland events with utmost neutrality and independence for our listeners across Australia and abroad.

As elections news developed in Somali the Somali program was able to bring to its audiences breaking news from Puntland the state holding presidential election this year. Hassan brought voices of talents and experts whilst gauging the views and opinions of Somali speakers living here.

The raising costs of education and childcare in Australia were a focus of ample coverage as it affects young families and youth in the community. The program reported the main issues in great details and interviewed a number of experts and people affected.

Hassan covered the passing of most renowned Somali singer Mohamed Saleebaan Tubeec. He was popularly known as “the king of Voice”. At the same time our Executive Producer was on World News TV, giving his insight into the murder of another prominent Somali lawmaker and popular singer-songwriter Saado Ali Warsame. He was gunned down in the capital city and the news of his death was deeply felt by our audiences especially in Australia.

The program constantly monitored the situation in Somalia, the region and in Australia in relation to the radicalization of young Muslims and government’s attempt to address it. According to Hassan:

"We covered the security situation in Mogadishu which dramatically deteriorated during Ramadan as Al-Shabab increased the attacks on government and other institutions. My name is Hassan Jama and I am the executive producer of SBS Somali language. I joined SBS 2 years ago as a casual producer.

Before SBS, I worked with Somali news websites and community radios in Sydney.With SBS, I deliver national, international and homeland news and current affairs to the Somali speaking community in Australia and others who follow us online. I migrated to Australia in 1997 and started working for Australia Post, first as mail officer then moved to different roles including training role and midlevel management. I finished most of my studies back home in Somalia.I take pride in informing and educating my community. My current role as an executive producer is something I enjoy doing. Producing and broadcasting program which reflects today’s media landscape is a job I am keen to perform with enthusiasm.I help set up one of the biggest Somali community organisation in NSW and held roles as treasurer and admin officer."



Chelsea Sandys Silikivai became the youngest person in Australia to receive a Community Service Award for her brave actions in coming to her mother’s rescue. She was just 4 years and 10 months old.

After her mother unexpectedly collapsed, Chelsea quickly and calmly used her mother’s phone to call her father, who called triple-zero.She saved her mother’s life, and impressed emergency workers and her family with her mature and quick thinking manner.
At just four years old, Chelsea showed great courage and maturity. Chelsea calmly followed her father’s instructions, got a glass of water and put a wet cloth on her mum’s face while she waited for emergency services to arrive. After calling her father, Chelsea got ready for the ambulance ride while watching over her 15 month old sister Charlotte
On January 22nd 2009 Chelsea became Young Citizen of the Year and received an award for her bravery and initiative.

Chelsea attended the annual Hurstville Council Australia Day awards as a guest. She is also actively along with her family's efforts to raise funds for various projects in South Africa and Bali.





Sydney Australia has a new group... and their taking the world by storm

'SAEA' stands for South Africa, Ethiopia and Angola the beautiful countries that our girls represent. 'BANYANA' from Nguni meaning the girls.

SAEA BANYANA boasts women that are creatives, professionals, proprietors and mothers. Through their performances they encourage women to be strong, independent and unafraid of their inner power.

The group have had the pleasure of not only performing for eager audiences around Sydney but have also been asked to participate in community enriching events and programs such as Refugee week, Women Empower Women International Conference and Olive Tree Womens Network It is extremely important to the group that they continue to support such organisations that strengthen our community. SAEA BANYANA are proud to say that their group not only entertains but also promotes cultural awareness, women empowerment, youth empowerment and physical motivation.


Urban minister Rodney Ahenkan (Better known as “D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E”), Gospel artist continues to strive to new heights through music, poetry and community outreach to make sure the Gospel covers as much ground as possible. Since beginning his ministry, Rodney has toured in 4 states covering thousands of kilometres to rap, preach and counsel including touring with LA gospel rapper Sevin, The Commission, Your Dream Seminar, running his own tours, church appearances, school appearances, juvenile detention centres, charity events and festivals.

With over 140 ministry appearances alone in 2011, Rodney has been able to finish his diploma in Music Performance at Ultimo Tafe and take away most outstanding student, do an album and launch a campaign that strives for independence and empowerment – that being known as the “Sorry To Break Your Theology” movement.Rodney has the “never go slow” mentality.

2011 was the year where Rodney truly felt planted in his calling and he was able to grace the stage at 2 major events. First of which was Enmore theatre where he performed his rendition of the story of Job featuring the ASA Dance Group and Secondly, Sydney Townhall for Ultimo Tafe's 120 year celebration.
  • Other Notable achievements that are nationally recognised include:
  • “Religious Song Of the Week” - Triple J [2011]
  • Nominated for Male Gospel Artist of the year – Afro Australian Music & Movie Awards [2011]
  • Nominated for the 2011 Student Excellence Award – Sydney Institute of Tafe
  • 2011 Radio Category Winner for Sydney Institute's Multimedia Competition
  • 2011 Overall Winner for Sydney Institute's Multimedia Competition



Neo Pitso was born in South Africa and moved to Australia in 2004. He has been involved in many community projects mainly dealing with music and has received numerous awards for his contributions:
Australian Defence Force Award for Leadership
Caltex Award for Leadership
Josiah Mitton Award for Outstanding Student Overall plus many more.
In the field of music he has supported many famous artists and is on demand. He has supported:
Jessica Mauboy, The Game, Nas, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Tila Tequila, Cassidy, DJ Drama, Montel Jordan, Chingy and many more across Australia.
He has also performed across Australia at various Miss Africa beauty pageants.
A song he wrote in 2005 was promoted in every school in South Australia to warn young people about the dangers of smoking. In 2006 he was sponsored by Channel 9 for a documentary which was about his journey with his music so far. Channel 9 also sponsored a music video for Neo.
In 2010 his old university Flinders University used him in a campaign to lure prospective students to the university. Neo helped the university make an advert which was uploaded online and can be seen on this link 
The advert has since been viewed on television across South Australia, Queensland and Victoria and this has helped Neo with his music career.
In 2011 the Governor of South Australia awarded him a 'highly commended' award for his excellence in the field of music.
Neo has performed more than 200 times since he arrived in Australia in front of a variety of venues, including schools, clubs, charities, stadiums, theatres, halls, libraries, night clubs, youth centres, festivals etc
Neo is an example of a self-driven and highly motivated individual who is dedicated to his music and aspires to leave a lasting legacy in the music industry.



Adol Takpiny

Emerging  Communities Liaison Officer
Diversity Services
Department  of Attorney General and Justice


In 2008, Ms Takpiny was engaged by the Department of Attorney General and Justice to provide Sudanese community expertise and cultural advice, and facilitate the Department’s commencement of an engagement process with Sudanese community leaders and elders. The initial consultation was a resounding success. Significant outcomes of the consultation included the creation of a Sudanese Community Liaison Officer role within the Department and the development of a Sudanese community legal education program. Ms Takpiny was appointed to fill that position.

In her role as the Community Liaison Officer over the past four years, Ms Takpiny echoed the views of members of African Communities to the Department and made submissions on their behalf to expand her role to work with the African communities.  Her submission was approved and she set about consulting and developing resources and programs for the broader African communities in both regional and metropolitan areas especially for the refugee arrivals from Sudan, Congo, and Somalia etc. Some of the resources, programs and projects she initiated include:

       The DVD 'Law and You, Legal information for African Communities in NSW'. Ms Takpiny was vital in the production of this resource which includes short stories illustrating legal topics of concern that were raised by newly arrived community members throughout legal radio programs and ongoing consultation processes. Ms Takpiny ensured that this resource was dubbed into seven emerging African Community languages (Dinka, Juba Arabic, Kiswahili, Amharic, Arabic (Classic), Somali and Krio) and employed over 60 African actors, crewmembers, businesses, translators and voice over artists. Over 6000 copies of this resource have been distributed free of charge to members of African Communities and service providers across NSW.

       Developing African Conflict Resolution Training Program. The training program was conducted for 33 African leaders, elders, church and youth leaders including regional (Wagga Wagga, Coffs Harbour, and Newcastle). The program provided practical skills and resources on culturally acceptable methods for African leaders, elders and youth to resolve disputes in culturally and legally appropriate ways.

        Establishing the Justice African Learning Circle (JALC). These workshops are held regularly to inform and up-skill leaders within the African communities about legal processes and resources that community members seek.

       Partnering with University of Western Sydney to implement a court support program at Blacktown local court. Post Second year Sudanese law students provide free legal assistance for community members. This program is currently being reviewed with hopes of expansion to include other communities, universities and locations.

       Legal information sessions in Sydney and in regional areas such as Wagga Wagga, Lismore and Coffs Harbour.

       Court Open Day for the Sudanese Community in Blacktown in 2008.  This all day program incorporated legal information sessions about Legal Aid, the Police, Victim's Services and Local Court procedures offered in Dinka, Juba Arabic and English. The day included child minding, local justice related information table and a community lunch with live African entertainment provided by local artists.

       Sudanese Radio presentations. She assisted representatives areas of the Department like the Anti Discrimination Board, Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages, Victim’s Services, Local Courts and Law Access by using her multilingual skills to interpret during radio shows.

Ms Takpiny’s invaluable contributions to the Department had been acknowledged internally through the Annual Achievement Award for her Commitment to the Community in 2008 and through the extension and expansion of her role to work with Emerging African communities.

She also received the 2012 NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS) Humanitarian Award launched in June.

In 2011 Ms Takpiny was appointed as a part time Commissioner with the Community Relations Commission. In this capacity she chairs the Albury Regional Advisory Council (RAC). The RAC provides multicultural rural and regional NSW with an avenue to advise, inform and raise their concerns for the Commission’s consideration.

She is also a student at the University of Western Sydney where is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Communication /Bachelor of Laws degrees.

Ms Takpiny is well regarded in the African Communities and in the broader NGO and Government Sector. Commonwealth and State government researchers, policy makers and planners seek her perspective on the African Communities’ experiences of settling in Australia.



Lucky Lartey

Lucky is one of Australia’s most dynamic West African performers and is well known for his versatile and high energy dance style. Lucky hit Australia dancing in March 2011 and has been wowing audiences and inspiring dance students ever since with his traditional West African Dance, Afro-Contemporary and fusion choreography.

Lucky is an accomplished and experienced African dancer in Ghana and Australia and has more than 15 years of training in Traditional African dance, Afro Contemporary and Salsa. Lucky has performed with countless African dance and music groups from Ghana and other African countries. He is also an experienced choreographer having created a number of contemporary African dance routines for Ghanaian dance ensembles including the Salaka Ensemble, Susuma and Riclils Entertainment.


Lucky Lartey is from the Greater Accra Region in Ghana and grew up in a vibrant fishing community called Jamestown which boasts of some of Ghana’s best dancers, musicians, boxers, and footballers.  This creative surrounding gave him the chance to study with the masters of dance from his mother land.  Lucky’s knowledge of dance includes dance routines from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, South Africa and other parts of Africa.


Lucky teaches and performs around Sydney and Australia and has taught people of all ages and abilities to dance with feeling and connect to the beauty and spirit of African dance. Lucky’s ambition is to perform, teach and choreograph African traditional and contemporary African dance in Australia and to bring people together to create understanding across all cultures by sharing the beauty and natural power of African music and dance.


Lucky’s key accomplishments and works since arriving in Australia in March 2011 include performances at: The Afro Australian Music and Movie Awards 2011, the United Nations year of People from African Descent Celebration 2011, Colombian Independence Day Celebration 2011, World Refugee Day Celebration 2011, Sydney Fringe Festival 2011 and 2012, West African Festival 2011 and 2012, Africultures Festival 2012 and 2013, the African Professional Association Annual Gala Night 2012 and the African’s Women Dinner Dance 2012. Lucky was also one of the principle choreographers and performers in Dance Africa Dance 2012.


Lucky has continues to teach and work on projects such as Dancing in Harmony - a community development initiative of the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), the project brings together young Africans from refugee backgrounds to train in traditional African and Afro-contemporary dance. Lucky has also worked with Annalouise Paul in the development of Mother Tongue a vibrant kaleidoscope of dance and live music that explores war, cultural tolerance and healing, revealing shifting paradigms and new futures.


Lucky’s latest accomplishment is the production and release of Baa Jo! Ghana Dance Instructional Video. Baa Jo is the Ga word meaning “come and dance”. Baa Jo the instructional video is the product of Lucky’s commitment and passion for the dances of Ghana and his desire to share them with the world.


Chikuru Malula

Mr.Malula is the CEO and founder of AFRICAN-Find AUSTRALIA. 
He is a very ambitious young man born in The Democratic Republic of Congo who has wisdom of a mature man and a caring heart. He is an Australian citizen who came to Australia with his family from a refugee camp in Kenya (East Africa) to Australia in 2003.

Mr Malula is known for his contribution in the Congolese community of NSW and the African community as a whole. He pre-launched AFRICAN-Find AUSTRALIA community organisation he founded in Australia in the year 2013.

Mr Malula has been awarded an academic scholarship by The NSW Department of Education and Communities in 2014. He is now doing his Master’s Degree in Teaching Secondary at the University of Western Sydney (UWS).
When he isn’t glued to his computer screen, Mr Malula spends his time with his loved ones, socializing and networking with friends and colleagues or attending community events.

In his own words he says:

"I have learnt a lot from my personal life experience, my journey to Australia and from the formal and community education and training I have had in Africa, Australia and other places where I have been in other parts of the world. the History and the Media has also taught me many things. I would like to make a positive contribution in the African community(ies), the Australian society and the world..."




John Garang Kon

One of the young writers in Blacktown Arts Centre's African Theatre Project in the late 2000s, John Garang co-wrote “My name is Sud”, which was shortlisted in NSW Literary Premier Award in 2011.

He arrived in Australia in 2004, after ten years in a refugee camp in Uganda. Since his arrival in Australia, he has completed Bachelors in Medical Science (University of Western Sydney). He has worked as a teacher's aide (bilingual support officer) for the Department of Education, as a Sudanese advocate in the Blacktown area, and as a Humanitarian Youth Project Officer.

John is the Deputy Chairman of South Sudanese Youth Association in NSW, an Umbrella organisation that brings together all South Sudanese Youths in NSW. South Sudanese Youth Association act as a link between Youths and NSW authorities in matters affecting the larger Australian community. John is also a Secretary General of Bor Youth Association in Australia (BYAA) and he was the Chairman of Bor Youth Association in NSW between 2009 -2014. John is currently undertaking Postgraduate studies in Master of Public Health (MPH) at the University of Newcastle.

All Works by

After South Sudan was plunged into unimaginable crisis, John campaigned for the two warring parties to stop the war and bring peace back to the country. He serves as the chairman of the newly founded Humanitarian crisis committee “South Sudan Crisis Management Committee in Australia” that was tasked with raising money to support those affected by the conflict in South Sudan.


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Errol H Renaud from Trinidad & Tobago is a pioneer of Caribbean music in the

Australian, Asian and Pacific regions. He first came to Australia with the Amral Trinidad Cavaliers during their world tour over thirty-four years ago. He has performed in over twenty-five different countries in the Caribbean, Australia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, including places like Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Egypt, China, and Cuba for the Festival del Caribe, festival of fire.

Errol Renaud has released 6 albums on CD: "Soca Man", "Judge Me Not", "The Message", "Panlove" featuring the Steelpan, ‘Live” a CD commemorating a ten year Sunday residency at the Sands Hotel in Narrabeen & the latest “TBR” plus

two singles entitled "Feel our Feel" and "Carnival Dance" His new and seventh CD is due for release in December 2014 Errol Renaud is currently based in Sydney, Australia playing gigs and touring

with his band Caribbean Soul


J J Roberts

35 years ago in 1979, Bob Marley visited this country for a series of ground breaking-concerts. People who were born after the reggae legend passed in 1981 might assume it was Bob Marley who planted the seed for reggae in Australia, but they’d be wrong. In 1972 a Jamaican Rastaman named JJ Roberts arrived in Sydney with his wife, Cheryl. JJ was a ‘Sound man’. Someone who had witnessed first hand the development of reggae in his home, Point Hill St Catherine in Jamaica, and England via the unique institution of the sound system. Massively powered mobile discos, sound systems provided the heavyweight bass presence to reggae that no ordinary hi fi could ever match. It was this love for a deep listening experience by sound system patrons and operators that helped form the music of reggae, emerging as it did out of Jamaica jazz, R&B,ska and rocksteady. JJ Roberts yearned for the real sound system experience in his new home and by 1974 had established his own ‘set’, a genuine Jamaican sound system which he dubbed SOULMAKER. This sound system travel the road with veteran selectors such as RASTA (Daniel Walker) for many years. At a time when rock ruled in Australia, SOULMAKER brought a real Caribbean alternative to ears unaccustomed to anything much beyond Harry Belafonte singing ‘Day O’. For 35 years, JJ and (in later years his sons Jonathan and Danny) have maintained a true Jamaican presence, keeping pace with the changes in the island’s music from its deep roots period through to the dancehall revolution that is now at the cutting edge of electronic music making. SOULMAKER last played to the public in 2009 in a tribute show ‘A tribute to the Jamaican pioneer of reggae in Australia’ JJ Roberts. Whilst SOULMAKER have not played publicly since then the original Sound System is still played frequently, with sweet selections played by JJ in the room that it originated in some 40 years ago.



Born in Ghana, West Africa, Blessed Samuel Joe Andah came into the world with much to fight for after surviving intense respiratory complications as an infant. Miracle’s family migrated to Australia, arriving in Melbourne, then Canberra before settling as a family in the Western Sydney suburb of Quakers Hill. Miracle was 12 years old and was soon to discover his first taste of hip-hop. Listening to Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” ignited the discovery and his journey began. “I wasn’t allowed to listen to hip-hop for a long time because my parents are really religious people. So the first time I really listened to it was with Kanye’s track and the fact that it mentioned Jesus, well my parents were cool with me listening to it. I then wanted to learn more about hip hop and its influences and I started to discover what it was really about”. Miracle adds that what he discovered raised his eyebrows but armed him with the knowledge he needed to navigate him through his own journey.


However before fully embracing hip-hop, Miracles muse was punk music, which didn’t sit well in the Andah household either, as Miracle recalls. “Yeah, my parents weren’t feeling that music choice at all” he laughs. He began gigging in punk bands throughout Sydney’s Western suburbs, gaining notoriety with most of his peers. “Most of my friends at school weren’t really into hip-hop, so I listened to what they listened to and went to the live shows they went to at the time. I took to playing the guitar and before long the opportunity to gig with my punk mates came up”, he says, proud of his eclectic music background.


Gigging with a guitar wasn’t enough to quench his musical thirst and before long, Miracle began experimenting with beats. Ironically, the rapper’s breakthrough came with a very different rock record – a streetwise take on Australian Pete Murray’s acoustic ‘Better Dayz’. “It was actually one of my HSC assignments for Year 12”, Miracle explains. He shot a video for it, ‘mucking around’ with a mate. The music student departed from the brief of composing an original song, but his teachers ‘loved it ‘, especially when the recast Better Dayz scored spins on community radio. Miracle’s DIY film-clip logged up over 100,000 views on YouTube and amassed a huge Facebook following. Sony Music soon came calling and Better Dayz was released officially. Miracle had arrived.


He has been steady rising since then, proving to be one of the label’s hardest working artists. He has supported everyone from Lupe Fiasco, and Big Boi to Childish Gambino, ASAP Rocky, Fabolous and Tyga alone in the last 12 months and can add joining the 2011 national Supafest bill alongside Snoop Dogg to his growing resume.  Miracle continues to make his mark with each artist he meets and works with, impressing them with not just his obvious musical talents, but inspiring said artists with his humility, insight and passion for his craft. Working with the likes of stellar songwriter/producer Styalz Fuego has helped Miracle elevate his game as he says, “Styalz Fuego is one of the most creative individuals I've ever met. His ability to create instant melodies, write and produce is inspiring. Working with Styalz Fuego has helped me make the transformation from being categorised as a rapper to an artist. That has allowed me to push the boundaries of innovation in my music”


Equally impressed Styalz Fuego states, "I think only time will reveal all the talents Mira has as a complete artist. He's the kind of kid who will spontaneously pick up a guitar or drums and play them naturally, or he'll play you a beat and you'll be like 'this is dope, who did this?' and nonchalantly he'll be like ‘it’s mine’. For an artist who is best known as a rapper, all these hidden talents are super impressive and I believe this album we've worked on is only an introduction to his creative potential”. It is safe to say that Miracle is in a league all of his own.


Miracle is industrious, determined and isn’t afraid to push the envelope when it comes to his creative ingenuity. He is putting Australian Hip-Hop/fusion on the international music map and doing so with much aplomb. His EP Iller, and his debut album Mainland have not only demonstrated his raw and honest love for the music but also showcased a fierce entrepreneurial streak that has and continues to serve him well. Beloved by his growing number of fans across all social media platforms, supported with respect and the genuine streak of curiosity by industry peers and punters alike, it’s hard to not be impressed by this multi-talented progressive hip-hop producing sage. He is something of a musical prodigy, coveting the elements of writing, producing, performing and harnessing the talent for making it happen on his terms. He is on a mission to expand the perimeters of Australia’s urban music boundaries and is keen to utilise his community awareness. His sound has matured with lyrics that resonate on a deeper level. He is an artist that is constantly growing, learning, teaching and inspiring.





Hailing from a musical family, Nigerian-Australian singer and songwriter Gazele was destined to use music to affect people in a profound way. A graduate of the Australian Institute of Music, Gazele made a name for herself as an in demand session musician and backing vocalist for 5 years before taking the leap to establishing herself as an artist. Taking the reality TV route a few years back, with an appearance on X-Factor, Gazele learnt what music meant to her and what she wanted her impact to be. While singing backing vocals with high profile Australian singers such as ARIA award winning pop star Jessica Mauboy and Diana Rouvas (The Voice, Season 1), Gazele honed her performance skills and perfected her striking stage presence, all the while keeping pen to paper writing pop influenced catchy melodies. 

In 2014, Gazele decided it was time to put the spotlight on her and those infectious melodies. Formerly known as "Tabitha Ojeah" She released her first single and music video under that name, titled ‘The One’, a feel-good dance floor filler produced by Mxxwell, that gave just a hint at one side of this dynamic performer. Gazele then stepped into the studio to create her forthcoming EP, and performed her original music at Innersoul Live, a fortnightly event highlighting Sydney’s blossoming soul scene. Highlighting another side to Gazele, her music and her legacy, she partnered with fashion designer Suzan Mutesi to work on a non-profit organisation called Heart of Gold Africa Foundation, with a focus on assisting and empowering rural based people in countries throughout Africa.
Gazele’s various incarnations in the music industry - from TV show contestant to a pop star’s backing vocalist to her philanthropic efforts have all helped shape the intriguing artist that Gazele is today. Humble yet a hustler, flamboyant, fun and unapologetically soulful, Gazele is an artist whose music perfectly balances the raw honesty of soul music with a pop sensibility. With a magnetic presence and a passion to move people through music, Gazele is here and ready to pounce on the music industry with power and grace, as only she can.


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Hanan Ali Mohamed  2011-2010 Libyan Cultural Office Canberra 2009-2010 Canberra Islamic School – Arabic Teacher and Islamic Studies.  2004 – 2007 Employer: The Ambassador & Telegraph newspapers Melbourne –Australia


Senior Writer Achievement: Helping the newspaper to become one of the top five newspapers in the Arabic community in Melbourne Duties:

• Responsible for the Arabic section in the newspaper. \

• Editing and adjusting the Arabic and the English articles and news.

• Senior writer for covering local news in Melbourne and Australia for the English and Arabic community.

2006 – 2007 Employer: Earth School Melbourne – Australia

Arabic Teacher Achievements: Help many migrant students to adopt the Australian life style throw teaching them the best method of the Arabic life style in Australia, as well as, help the local Australian community in Melbourne to adopt the Arabic migrant as an Australian citizen


• Establish the Arabic classes and courses • Help the student to use the Arabic goals and grammar

• Assist the student and the school staff to enjoy learning Arabic language


1997-2001 Al-Azhar University  Cairo –Egypt  Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies Alazhar University: is one of the top three universities in the Arab and Islamic world in the Arabic and Islamic science.

• Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

• Master of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies

• Assessed by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenes Affairs in Melbourne.

• Master Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies ANU.

• Winner of Africa Media Australia Award Victoria 2013 Publication Category . President African women family and youth net work 2014

Adviser media australia 2014  

Graduation with Good grade INTERESTS AND HOBBIES Reading, Music, Sports and outdoors activities which increase self-confidence and team work


• Have established my own book under the name of BEAN HOWAYATAEN for Arabic and English fans

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PJ Patrick Jonathan

Armed with a trade’s diploma for the printing industry Patrick emigrated 40 years ago with the initial wave of trade’s artisans from South Africa to Australia and held supervisory positions at numerous printing houses.

Coming from a music loving family, Patrick decided to pursue his interest in music and took up studying the flute and jazz studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of music which led to radio broadcasting and together with a group of dedicated South African anti-apartheid activists, established The Afrikan Connexion on community 2SER 88.9FM which 30 plus years on, is still broadcasting.

During this time he established important and longstanding links with many local Australian artists and musicians and hosted international artists such as Letta Mbulu, Hugh Masekela, Lester Bowie, Ted Dunbar, Louis Mhlanga and Peter Tosh. Widely travelled, a trip to Jamaica in 1982 had him liasing with world renowned reggae artists such as Hux Brown, Toots and The Maytals, Winston Rodney, Jimmy Cliff, The Tamlins, Peter Tosh and poet and activist Mutabaruka.

In 1983 together with the assistance of his dedicated anti-apartheid colleagues, the promotions company, Afrika Vibrations was set up and undertook a national tour of Australia with reggae artist Peter Tosh. Patrick assumed the role of tour manager for the national tour.

Patrick was also a playing member with steel band Pan 2000 during the late 1990’s whose musical director was Trinidadian, Denis Gonzales.

Patrick’s travels took him to Gaberone, Botswana and Harare, Zimbabwe, visiting safe houses which served and protected young exiles from South Africa who crossed the border to escape the wrath of the South African Police and Defence Force. Also visiting a refugee camp in the north of Gaberone where many refugees from political struggles in the surrounding regions, sought refuge. His trip to Bagamoyo in Tanzania culminated with an interview with the then chairman of the P.A.C. (Pan Africanist Congress of Azania) John Nyathi Pokela which would later be broadcast on radio.

Multiple retrenchments in the printing industry provoked a career change for Patrick. He qualified as a Master Trainer achieved at the Australian Institute of Fitness. He won the award, Autralasian Champion in the 50’s and over category with the EAS Body-for-Life Fitness Challenge in 2003.

Currently Patrick is hosting his radio program Dial Afrika on community radio Eastside Radio 89.7FM since 2011, showcasing Afrikan art, history, culture and music and regularly attends jazz and world music festivals to keep abreast with the development and evolvement of Black Afrikan Music and it’s derivatives from the Motherland and the Afrikan Diaspora.


Alex Katombe

According to Alex:

"I was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I hold a bachelor degree in Philosophy.  

I hold two masters degrees. One in Strategic Human Resources Management and the other in Theological studies.

I worked as an HR Case Manager at IBM in the Philippines for nearly 4 years.

I co- founded the Congolese Community of the Philippines and established the Congolese Community in the Philippines Human Resource Consulting Group.

I Worked as Frontline Fundraiser at Australia for UNHCR and Amnesty International in Sydney. 

Currently working as a Community Team Manager at Bright Employment, a Labour Solutions Company. Helping migrants gain meaningfull employment opportunities in the hospitality industry in NSW and in the agriculture industry in Tasmania. 

At Bright employment, we have the objective of securing meaningfull employment for 5,000 migrants by 2018, saving the federal government almost $30,000 per year for each migrant we take off long term welfare dependency. 

More than 60 African Australians will start full time work next month in NSW and Tasmania combined due to the effort Alexis puts forward in introducing Bright Employment opportunities to the African communities.

Current Administrative Secretary of the African Sub-Sahara International Development Agency (ASSIDA)

Current Administrative Secretary of the Congolese Community of NSW."




1955 Matriculation at Trafalgar High School

1958 Bachelor of Arts/UNISA

1960 Diploma Juris/University of Cape Town     

1975 LLB/University of New South Wales


1965 Admitted as Attorney, Conveyancer & Notary Public of the Supreme Court of South Africa

1971 Emigrated from South Africa and settled in Australia

1975 Admitted as a Solicitor and Conveyancer of the Supreme Court of NSW and of the High Court

1992 Appointed Managing Director of the Aries Group of Companies which comprises Manufacturing & Forestry

Interests in NSW, Property Development in South

Africa and Zimbabwe



1971 – 1975 Treasurer of the South African Defence and Aid Fund

1992 – 1994 Vice-President of the Australia South Africa Business Council (ASABC) in NSW

1995 – 1997 President of the Australia Africa Business Council (AABC) in NSW

1998 – 2005 Secretary-General of the National Australia Africa Business Council (NAABC)

2005 Led the NAABC business delegation to Botswana where two keynote addresses were delivered by H.E.President Festus Mogae and Ex-President Sir Ketumile Masire

2006 to present  President of the Africa Council in Australia

2012 to present  Vice-President of the AABC in NSW

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